President Trump made a Bombshell announcement. After being briefed on the investigation into the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on his political campaign, the President now says that it would have been impossible for Obama not to know about it...

”He had to know,” Trump declared.

The President then told the interviewer that he hopes that the truth will all come out.

Why is he “hoping?” Because the GOP leadership refuses to drag these Obama administration traitors in to testify!

Lindsey Graham is supposed to be leading this investigation, but he hasn’t called a single witness in to testify. He hasn’t scheduled a single hearing. Graham said this week that he believes Mueller’s report should be final word and the end of all of it.

But Mueller never investigated these Obama administration criminals! He never investigated the anti-Trump agents in his own witch hunt!

And we now know that the DOJ is investigating whether these anti-Trump FBI agent’s listened in on Trump’s personal phone calls. This is 10x worse than Watergate and the GOP wants to just sweep this under the rug and “move on.”

You CANNOT let these RINOs get away with this!

Send your immediate FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to drag all of these Obama administration criminals in to testify and prosecute them all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily