We have learned a lot over the past four years about the Deep State's attempt to cripple President Trump's administration and remove him from office. And as more and more evidence of this seditious conspiracy began to leak out, it became clear that this attempted coup went all the way to the top, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

But first, I need to explain how we got here. Recently, FBI agent Bill Barnett sat for a Justice Department interview as part of the review into the handling of Michael Flynn's prosecution. Barnett ran the FBI's investigation into Michael Flynn before the case was handed over to Robert Mueller and his goons. Barnett started the process of closing the Flynn case on January 3, 2017 for a lack of evidence, but Peter Strzok intervened the next day (January 4, 2017) and stopped him, claiming that new evidence had come to light and he wanted to give it some more time. Strzok apparently believed that Flynn may have violated the Logan Act, which could be used as a predicate to continue the probe.

The following day, January 5, a meeting was held at the Obama White House to decide how to proceed. In attendance were Susan Rice, James Comey, Sally Yates, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and other advisors. Remember, this was the meeting that Susan Rice decided to memorialize in an email to herself, just minutes before Trump was sworn in. Susan Rice's last official act as Obama's National Security Advisor was to put in writing that Obama told the FBI and DOJ to make sure that the investigation against Flynn was done by the book. The timing is remarkable. Two days after the FBI agent in charge of the case decided to close the investigation, Barack Obama himself encouraged the FBI to keep digging anyway.

Immediately after the meeting, James Comey called Peter Strzok to relay what had been said. Peter Strzok memorialized the conversation in hand written notes, where he wrote that Comey reported Joe Biden as being the one who brought up the idea of investigating Michael Flynn for violating the Logan Act, a law that has never been successfully prosecuted against an American...

Again: The FBI tried to close the Michael Flynn investigation. One day later, Peter Strzok ordered them to wait a few days because he was working on a new angle to keep the witch hunt against Flynn going. One day after that, the Vice President of the United States told both the FBI and the DOJ to investigate Flynn on that same bogus accusation.

We now have all of the pieces of the puzzle. The Michael Flynn investigation was not run "by the book." It was a sham. Immediately after William Barnett concluded that there was insufficient evidence to continue investigating Michael Flynn, Peter Strzok put the closing on hold and Joe Biden told the FBI to use another law as the justification to keep the witch hunt going...

James Comey will testify before Congress this week, on September 30, and Andrew McCabe will testify as to his involvement in this scheme on October 6. 

But that isn't good enough. The evidence now shows that Former Vice President Joe Biden played a crucial role in re-opening the Michael Flynn witch hunt and he MUST be forced to answer for his actions!

Joe Biden has now been linked to the Micheal Flynn witch hunt! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it is too late and DEMAND that they subpoena Joe Biden and force him to answer for what he did!

It has taken four years, but we can now tell the whole story for how the Trump-Russia investigation got off the ground. The investigation into Michael Flynn was in the process of being shut down when Peter Strzok and Joe Biden each intervened to keep it going under the bogus claim that Flynn violated the Logan Act by talking to Russian counterparts during the Presidential transition.

The Logan Act makes it a crime for any civilian to negotiate on behalf of the United States government. Since 1799, not a single American has been successfully prosecuted and sentenced for violating this law, mostly because the 1st Amendment protects most kinds of communications. 

Michael Flynn was the incoming National Security Advisor making calls to foreign counterparts. Every incoming administration does this to ensure a seamless transfer of power and make sure they can hit the ground running on inauguration day.

But we now know that the FBI was listening in on those phone calls. Not only did Peter Strzok want to use those calls as the pretext to re-open the investigation, but Joe Biden himself was the one who formally recommended that the FBI take this approach.

Just so I am clear: the former Vice President recommended that the FBI re-open an investigation into the incoming National Security Advisor using a never-before-prosecuted law as the pretext.

This is criminal. Colloquially, it is known as "abuse of power." Joe Biden abused his power as Vice President to encourage an illegal and unpredicated investigation into a political opponent. By statute, this crime is known as "Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law."

"Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, ... shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both." (18 USC Section 242)

Michael Flynn had his rights violated. The FBI concluded that there was insufficient evidence to justify a continued investigation, but the Vice President of the United States recommended that the FBI re-open the investigation using a 217-year-old law that had never been successfully prosecuted.

At best, Joe Biden is an accessory to this crime. At worst, he was the ringleader. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle. Either way, there is sufficient evidence to require Joe Biden to testify under oath as to his involvement in this scheme.

But the cowards in the GOP are refusing to issue the subpoena!

Joe Biden has now been linked to the Micheal Flynn witch hunt! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it is too late and DEMAND that they subpoena Joe Biden and force him to answer for what he did!

Mitt Romney is leading the charge to block any and all investigations into Joe Biden. He says it is too close to the election and subpoenaing Biden now would appear overly political.

This is nonsense. Running for office doesn't grant someone immunity from having to answer for their crimes. Hillary Clinton was required to testify before Congress on her role in the Benghazi cover-up. She testified during an election year. There is ample precedent that politicians testify before Congress when the evidence justifies it. This is one of those situations.

We now know that the FBI re-opened the closed Michael Flynn investigation at the direction of Vice President Joe Biden. Joe Biden recommended that the FBI investigate Micheal Flynn for Logan Act violations, James Comey relayed that instruction to Peter Strzok, and then Peter Strzok put it into action.

Michael Flynn is still fighting to get his life back. He lost all of his savings fighting these bogus charges, has been defamed and slandered by the media, and was even pressured to plead guilty to bogus charges, all because Peter Strzok used Joe Biden's advice to keep the Flynn witch hunt going.

To make it all worse, Joe Biden has publicly denied he had any involvement. He has repeatedly denied ever recommending that the FBI pursue a Logan Act prosecution.

The American people deserve the truth. Michael Flynn deserves justice. And the only way that happens is if YOU rise up right now and force Congress to issue the subpoenas!

Joe Biden has now been linked to the Micheal Flynn witch hunt! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it is too late and DEMAND that they subpoena Joe Biden and force him to answer for what he did!

Drag him in to testify!

Max McGuire

Advocacy to Action

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