Well, we did it. After months of hounding Congress, we successfully forced them to start looking into former-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her secret meeting with Bill Clinton aboard her private aircraft.

At the time, the meeting was completely secret. Had it not been for one local reporter investigating a tip, we never would have known that Loretta Lynch had secretly met with the husband of the suspect of the government’s highest profile investigation. But they failed at hiding their secret meeting and no one believed that they were just talking about golf and grandkids.

With your help, we helped force Congress to start seriously looking into this meeting. And do you know what happened when they did?

The FBI said, under oath, that they had ZERO documents pertaining to the secret meeting. Well, that turned out to be a complete lie. When the same subpoena was delivered to the Department of Justice, they handed over numerous documents that would have also been in the FBI’s possession.

 So, Congress put on the pressure on and the FBI reluctantly re-opened the investigation into Loretta Lynch’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Well, guess what: The second time around, the FBI miraculously found 30+ pages of Lynch-Clinton documents they hadn’t previously disclosed.

But here’s the real kicker: they will not release them for another six weeks. That’s right, the same documents they claimed a week ago never even existed need to be scrubbed for the next month and a half before we can see them.

 The Lynch-Clinton meeting cover-up reached the Obama White House! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they seize these documents and hold Lynch in contempt for lying about her secret email account1

Why would they possibly need to do that? Could it be because we now have a DOJ document showing Loretta Lynch using a secret private email account to talk to Comey's FBI and the Obama White House to discuss how to cover-up her secret meeting with Bill Clinton? 

Yes, Loretta Lynch not only secretly met with Bill Clinton just days before Hillary was exonerated, but afterwards she secretly was emailing the FBI and White House to discuss damage control. She coordinated with Obama's own staffers to try to cover this up.

It is entirely possible that the FBI couldn't find these emails and documents the first time around because Loretta Lynch used an illegal, private email account named after her grandmother. The only reason to use a private email like this would be to hide correspondence.

And here's the thing: She testified under oath before Congress that she didn't have a secret email account and only used her official email for official business. That was a lie. She perjured herself. It turns out that Loretta Lynch had an email address named after her late grandmother, Elizabeth Carlisle.

Not only did she have a secret email address, but she was using that email address to coordinate how to explain away her secret meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in her private plane. You remember, this was the meeting that was just days before the FBI interviewed Hillary. We all know what they were talking about. Well, Loretta Lynch didn't want the public to be able to see her damage control, so she used this secret email account to cover-up her lawlessness..

Either the FBI truly was trying to cover this up or Loretta Lynch nearly succeeded in doing so herself.

A month ago, we were told these documents didn't even exist. Now, they exist but we're not allowed to see them. Why on earth would the Federal government create 30 pages of emails and talking points to respond to, what Lynch claimed, was an innocent conversation about golf and grandkids?

Representative Steve King of Iowa is pouncing all over this and demanding that Congress seize these records before the FBI is able to scrub them.

But he needs your help to force the rest of Congress to act on it...

 Will you help us start sending Obama officials to prison? Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they seized these records and hold Lynch in contempt for lying about her secret email account!

They claimed these Lynch-Clinton documents never existed. Only when they were caught lying did they decide to "search again." And now that they found the Clinton investigation documents they said never existed, they want a month and a half to go through them and purge all useful information.

This is the smoking gun that we have been waiting for. Don't get me wrong, it would be a huge victory to put Loretta Lynch behind bars for her crimes. But it'd be 100x better if Congress could get her to flip against the Obamas and Clintons.

Their cover-up has been unveiled and it reached all the way to the White House. The FBI tried to claim this evidence didn't exist and they were forced to admit it does. There's no where left for Lynch and Obama to run.

Make no mistake: the Obama holdovers in the Justice Department and Deep State are going all-out to protect these criminals.

The real question is, will you fight to stop them?

Please, help us send these Obama officials to prison! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they seize the records and hold Lynch in contempt for lying about her secret email account!

Arrest them all,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily