We got them. After years of searching, we finally have the smoking gun proving, beyond any doubt, that James Comey broke the law.

Yesterday, FBI agent notes were unsealed showing that the investigators who interrogated General Michael Flynn in the White House had illegal, ulterior motives. 

The notes show that the agents planned their interrogation for the express purpose of getting Flynn removed from his position as Trump's National Security Advisor. Instead of investigating "Russian collusion," as they claimed on official documents, these notes showed that the agents were only interested in trapping Flynn in a lie so that they could "prosecute him or get him fired." The fact that their goal was to get him fired proves that this was political from the very start...

These notes were never supposed to see the light of day. Our sources indicate that these handwritten notes were not in the FBI's possession, meaning someone like Durham would have had to seize them from the agents themselves.

Why is this important? Well, these notes were supposed to stay hidden. James Comey was confident that the proof showing that this was a political hit would never come out. That is why he has spent the past two years acting like he was untouchable.

But we now know Comey was in on this from the beginning because he was the one who authorized the set-up!

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James Comey was asked during a Q&A session about who gave the green light for the FBI agents to try and trap Michael Flynn in a lie.

"I sent them," Comey confessed. "Something I probably wouldn't have done and maybe gotten away with in a more... organized administration."

At the time, that confession meant nothing because the official story was that the Flynn investigation was done by the book. But now that we know that it was an illegal political hit from the start, Comey's confession takes on new meaning. 

Not only does he confess to signing off on this criminal activity, but follows that up with an admission of guilt by saying he probably wouldn't have gotten away with it had the Trump administration been more organized...

But here is the most important part. James Comey lied to Congress about this under oath. He was asked point-blank whether there were political motivations behind the decision to interrogate Flynn. Comey claimed, under oath, that the agents went to interrogate Flynn as part of a counter-intelligence investigation.

Except, we now know that's a lie. Counter-intelligence investigations aren't built around a desire to get a political appointee fired...

Comey lied under oath... the very crime that Michael Flynn was charged with... And for the last three years, while Flynn was forced to sell his home and give up his savings to try to save himself, Comey has been free to travel the nation on his book tour and spread more lies.

But now, the lies are coming back to bite him!

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Congress has the power, right now, to drag Flynn in to answer for his crimes and to charge him with perjury.

But the only way that will happen is if YOU demand it!

It took us three years to finally uncover these bombshell notes. The Deep State did everything they could to stop the truth from coming out. Make no mistake, these DOJ and FBI traitors are just going to double down to try to stop Comey from being prosecuted.

But because Comey specifically lied under oath before a Congressional committee, Congress has the power to charge him directly.

For months, people like Lindsey Graham have promised to hold hearings and drag these traitors in to testify. And even now, with everything that just came to light, the GOPers are still claiming that the 'timing isn't right' to open an investigation.

The truth is, it is now or never! This is our big chance to finally get the truth and to make sure that all of these Deep State traitors are held accountable for their crimes.

But that all starts with prosecuting James Comey and it is up to YOU to make it happen!

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No more waiting!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily