It is now undeniable: The Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign... and Republicans and Democrats tried to cover it up.

It is finally happening. Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr testified before Congress that the Obama administration did spy on President Trump's campaign and that he was launching a full investigation into it.

Democrats immediately called for Barr to resign. Think of it. Democrats in Congress actually started calling William Barr mentally unstable for telling the truth during his testimony. Pelosi called him "off the rails" and demanded that he apologize.

Apologize for what, telling the truth?

We've known for two years that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. We've known that the Deep State was spying on the administration shortly after Trump was sworn in. We know for a FACT that former-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was conspiring with other Deep Staters to wear a wire and entrap Pres. Trump to remove him from office.

Democrats are howling because they got caught and they know it.

After admitting that there was spying, Democrats on the committee demanded that Barr retract what he said.

The Attorney General refused, but said that he hasn't looked at it enough to determine whether the spying was illegal or not... So, he is asking people in the DOJ to investigate at the spying efforts.

The solution is apparently to let the Deep State investigate itself...


Don't let the Deep State and Establishment cover this up! Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND a Special Prosecutor and full investigation into the Obama administration's crimes!

Sen. Lindsey Graham is pushing for the appointment of a second Special Prosecutor. He has watched while Republicans and Democrats have deliberately swept this all under the rug. He has been investigating how the Trump-Russia investigation started and agrees that crimes were committed.

The Special Prosecutor statute exists to make sure that the DOJ and FBI's own biases don't stand in the way of justice. Here we have traitors like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, and their accomplices literally implicated in trying to overthrow a democratically elected President. We have proof -- through FBI agents' text messages and Congressional testimony -- that the Obama White House was involved from the beginning, approved the witch hunt, and then monitored it until the day Trump was inaugurated.

They weren't just spying on the Trump campaign. They were spying on the Trump transition team and the Trump White House. All because they couldn't stand the fact that Trump beat Hillary.

Both parties want to just sweep this under the rug. But the Attorney General just admitted that the Obama administration spied on a political opponent.

We learned last month that the entire Mueller investigation was a sham. There was never evidence of "collusion." Not one American was ever charged with "colluding" with the Russians.

But there is ample evidence that the Obama administration and Deep State broke the law to investigate Trump.

Lindsey Graham is making the push for a Special Prosecutor and full investigation into these crimes. Do not let the Democrats and Republicans block him!

Prosecute them all! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND a Special Prosecutor and full investigation into the Obama administration's crimes!

These are real crimes that the Obama administration committed: treason and sedition. An administration spied on a campaign and tried to destroy an incoming presidency. 

Graham is trying to drag all of these traitors in to testify. He is also trying to force the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. But at every step, the GOP and Democrat leadership is blocking him.

This is the biggest political criminal scandal in history and both political parties are trying to sweep it under the rug...

If you don't act right now, the Deep State and Obama criminals will get away with these crimes!

Don't let the Deep State get away with this! Please, you must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right here and DEMAND a Special Prosecutor and full investigation into the Obama administration's crimes!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily