Fellow Conservative,

Some Republicans are getting cold feet. The votes aren’t quite solid enough to invoke the nuclear option to put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Liberals are dumping millions of dollars into convincing liberal Republicans to abandon the effort and RINOs are considering a “compromise” with the Democrats to avoid having to invoke the nuclear option.

Classic Republicans. Terrified to stand on principle.

Tomorrow, the Senate will hold a cloture vote – a vote to end debate – and if Democrats block it, Mitch McConnell has promised to proceed to a vote to change the Senate rules to bust through the Left’s filibuster. This is known as the nuclear option.

But the vote to change the Senate rules will be razor thin. If even two or three Republicans defect, Gorsuch will be blocked from the Supreme Court.

Democrats are putting millions of dollars into ads and advocacy campaigns to peel away even a couple Republicans. If they succeed, Justice Scalia’s seat will remain empty and many of the Left’s lawsuits against the Trump administration will be upheld.

Republicans must go nuclear.

Nuke ‘em until they glow!

Draw your line in the sand! Tell Congress you will remove anyone who opposes Neil Gorsuch’s nomination or the nuclear option!

Everything we have fought for comes down to this. For over a year, we fought GOP leadership and forced them to abandon plans to confirm Barack Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland. Even when RINOs like John McCain or Lindsey Graham thought Trump had no chance of winning and wanted to settle on Obama’s nominee, we shamed them into holding the line.

That wouldn’t have been possible without your advocacy.

Now, victory is within our grasp. Justice Scalia will be replaced by a conservative and originalist judge.

Now, it is time to finish this. We can’t take anything for granted, especially not with how much money the Democrats and unions are dumping into this fight.

There is also talk of a compromise in effect. Democrats are to drop their filibuster if Republicans promise not to use the nuclear option. Some on the Left would rather surrender on Gorsuch to make sure that a conservative isn’t confirmed to replace Justices Kennedy or Ginsburg.

We cannot allow this deal to go forward. The Left was ready to oppose Trump's nominee before he was even announced. On the night of Trump's Supreme Court announcement, protesters gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court with blank signs saying, "Oppose ________." When Trump announced Gorsuch as his nominee, the protesters passed around markers and wrote in his name. The Left will oppose anyone Trump nominates.

Justice Anthony Kennedy is the swing vote on the Court. He is turning 81 this summer. Kennedy was supposed to hold a 5-year reunion with his law clerks in 2018 but we’ve learned that reunion has been moved up to this summer instead. Late last year, Kennedy was also the last Supreme Court Justice to hire clerks, suggesting he is considering retirement. He is close to retirement.

It is now or never.

Don't let Republicans surrender. Send your message to Congress and force them to invoke the nuclear option or else!

If Republicans cave and don’t invoke the nuclear option now, we will likely be right back in this position next year. Democrats have shown their hand. They are committed to blocking every single one of Donald Trump’s initiatives and nominations. It is time to cut them off at the knees right now.

Our sources indicate that there are enough liberal Republicans considering caving to block a rule change. There is NO guarantee that the nuclear option vote will succeed.

These men and women need to understand what is at stake. They must be made to fear We the People!

You cannot allow the GOP to stab you in the back! Send your FaxBlast and tell Congress you will remove anyone who opposes invoking the nuclear option!

Nuke. Them. Until. They. Glow.

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily