I recently moved to San Antonio. Over the past few months, San Antonio has become the city of choice for Border Patrol to dump illegal aliens captured at the border.

Congress refuses to give the Border Patrol and ICE the funding to do their job, so they have no choice but to release the vast majority of the illegal aliens that they capture.

This week, Border Patrol decided to dump 350 African illegal aliens in my city. Most of them were from the Congo, a country currently trying to control a large Ebola outbreak. They weren't vetted... they weren't quarantined to make sure they weren't carrying the disease... they were just driven to my city and left here. In a few days, they will hop on buses and planes and relocate around the country.

Between May 30 and June 5, more than 500 African illegal aliens were caught at the border. The entire world knows that if they show up at our border, our idiotic laws require us to let them all in.

I'd say that it can't get worse than this, but Democrats are pushing through a bill TODAY that will open up our borders even more... and they have Republican help!

The GOP just caved on the border! Send your important letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Nancy Pelosi's radical Homeland Security Spending bill... or else!

The House Appropriations Committee just sent a final version of their Homeland Security Funding bill to Nancy Pelosi's desk, and it is just as bad as we feared it would be...

This Homeland Security Appropriations Act would fund the Department of Homeland Security through the end of 2020, the last full year of Trump's term in office. This is the Establishment's final attempt to make sure the border is never secured.

The final version of the bill that was just approved claws back more than 600 million of border wall funding that was approved earlier this year. Remember when Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats agreed to give President Trump some border wall funding to end the shutdown? This new bill rescinds the deal and takes half of it back.

The bill also bans new border wall construction, new Border Patrol hiring, or new Border Patrol checkpoints. Border Patrol is already understaffed. Now, every time an agent quits or retires, the agency will not be allowed to even replace them...

The legislation also revokes Trump's border wall national emergency. Right now, courts are blocking the executive order. Pres. Trump is appealing to the Supreme Court, but Democrats have hidden a provision in this bill pulling all of the reprogrammed funding anyway. So even if the Supreme Court says Trump has the authority to build the wall, he would no longer have the funding to do it.

The draft bill also radically decreases ICE's detention funding. This is, arguably, the worst part of this surrender bill. The invasion at our Southern Border is out of control. Last month, Border Patrol and ICE detained 144,000 illegal aliens crossing the border. The real number is much higher because the government admits they don't catch everyone. However, the Trump administration is not allowed to detain all of these people.

Last year, ICE had enough funding to detain 49,000 illegal aliens at once. Democrats snuck a provision into the government shutdown bill earlier this year to shrink that number to 40,520. Once ICE detains that many illegals, they have to start letting illegal aliens go. The consequence is that the Trump administration has been forced to release hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens this year, simply because Congress limited how many beds ICE can have in its detention facility.

The bill that Establishment Republicans just agreed to support would cut ICE's bed count even more, cutting it all the way down to just 34,000 next year.

What this means is that at any given time, the Trump administration would only be allowed to detain this many illegal border crossers at once. Radical Democrats are literally forcing the President to release tens of thousands of illegal aliens into our communities every month, even if we know they are criminals...

There is no coming back if this bill passes. Not only does it stop border wall construction in its tracks, but it forces Border Patrol and ICE to release the vast majority of illegal aliens they capture.

And the GOP is just letting it happen...

You must stop the GOP's border surrender! Send your urgent letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Nancy Pelosi's plan to keep the border wide open!

Yesterday, Trump lashed out at the Chamber of Commerce, accusing them of betraying the American people. Why? The Chamber of Commerce is the largest GOP donor currently pressuring Congress to pass this horrible spending bill.

The Chamber of Commerce wants to keep the border wide open to bring more low-skill illegal alien workers into the country. Why pay Americans a living wage when companies can simply hire illegal aliens for less?

This is why the GOP is supporting this horrible bill: their corporate donors demand it.

We are being overrun. Border Patrol agents are literally begging for Congress to help them and Democrats are responding by cutting their funding even more. And the vast majority of Republicans are just sitting back and letting it happen!

The bill is now in Nancy Pelosi's hands. She gets to decide when the bill will get its full vote. She can bring it to the floor whenever she wants, without any warning.

If you are going to fight back against this disgusting open border bill, you need to do it right now!

Don't let the Republicans stab you in the back! Send your urgent letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this radical spending bill and stop Nancy Pelosi from blocking the border wall and opening our border!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily