Over the weekend, the Supreme Court came back with an amazing ruling. The Court ruled 5-4 that the President can move forward with his new public charge rule.

The new immigration rule is simple. In order for an immigrant to become a permanent resident (receive a green card), they need to be self-sufficient. Any immigrant who relies on government assistance to survive will now be ineligible to become permanent residents and, more importantly, ineligible to become American citizens.

This is based on a centuries-old law that prohibits immigrants from becoming "public charges." During the Clinton Presidency, these rules were relaxed to allow immigrants to become American citizens, even if they relied on welfare. Trump has now returned this to the original intent of the law. This is common sense. Your taxes are supposed to go towards helping Americans in need, not immigrants and illegal immigrants trying to game the system...

The result is that 63 percent of all non-citizen households in the United States are now reliant on government assistance programs. They get away with this because they know there are no consequences. Even if they technically break the law by accessing these programs, they know that Democrats will always turn a blind eye and let them become citizens anyway...

Trump's new regulation would undo all of that. Foreigners would be ineligible for permanent residency or American citizenship if they are welfare dependent. It is important to note that this regulation WON'T apply to refugees or asylum seekers. They will continue to be able to come to the United States in search of help.

Thanks to the Supreme Court's ruling, this new regulation goes into effect today. And that means that the clock is now ticking.

Democrats are now scrambling to stop Trump, and they have a pathway to do it. Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress now has the power to overrule this Public Charge regulation, and they can do it with just a simple majority!

Please, join today's FaxBlast campaign and help us STOP the Left from overturning Trump's immigration order and expanding welfare for immigrants and aliens!

That's right. Under the rules of the Congressional Review Act process, both the House and the Senate can overrule a new executive order with just a simple majority (as opposed to the super-majority usually necessary in the Senate). But they are now racing against the clock. Under the law, they only have 60 days to reverse Trump's ruling.

Here is where it gets technical, though. Technically, it is arguable that the regulation went into place a couple of weeks ago. This new Supreme Court ruling was over an injunction that had been in place in Illinois. The Public Charge regulation had already been in place in the other 49 states. That means that the 60-day clock has technically already started ticking...

To win this, Democrats would only need to flip FOUR Republicans. We already know the first three they will target: Mitt Romney (UT), Susan Collins (ME), and Lisa Murkowski (AK). The only question left is where will they get their fourth?

Lamar Alexander (TN) is retiring at the end of this year and has been casting more and more liberal votes because he has nothing left to fear. He doesn't have to face the American people again. Then you have other GOPers like Lindsey Graham (SC) and Marco Rubio (FL) who always seem to vote with the Left on immigration.

The point is, out of the entire Republican caucus, it is not hard for Democrats to find one extra cowardly GOPers to turn against Trump on immigration.

The Left is in a race against the clock. You CANNOT let them win on this!

Please, join today's FaxBlast campaign and help us STOP the Left from overturning Trump's immigration order and expanding welfare for immigrants and aliens!

The United States is the most generous country in the world. Every year, we welcome refugees and asylum seekers fleeing violence and in search of a better life. And Trump's Public Charge rule will not touch those programs in any way.

What it does is simply tell the world that if people want to electively migrate to the United States, they need to be able to take care of themselves and provide for their family if they want to live here long-term. It is completely common sense. 

But the Democrats are so blinded by anti-Trump hatred that they are now trying to reverse this common sense regulation that the Supreme Court just allowed to go fully into effect. And they only need to flip a couple of GOPers in order to win this...

That is why it is so important for you to stand up, right now, and fight! You need to remind Congress of who exactly they serve.

Our campaign today has a simple goal: blanket Congress in a half million FaxBlasts threatening to remove any Congressman or Senator, Democrat or Republican, who votes against Trump's new Public Charge regulation.

But we can't do this without your help!

Please, we need your help! Join today's FaxBlast campaign and help us STOP the Left from overturning Trump's immigration order and expanding welfare for immigrants and aliens!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily