Lancaster, Pennsylvania is Amish country. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the United States. The people who live there are nice, caring, and even though it is Pennsylvania's eighth-largest city, many parts of it still have a small town feel...

Last night, Black Lives Matter started a riot because a police officer shot and killed a black man who sprinted out of a doorway and chased the officer down with a knife.

That isn't our opinion. It is literally what happened. The photo above is taken from the officer's body camera and shows the perp running at him with a knife in his hand.

The Black Lives Matter rioters spread a lie that an officer shot a young, unarmed autistic boy. It was a lie. The man who ran at the officer wielding a knife was 27-years-old and was reportedly arrested just last year for going on a stabbing spree and injuring four people.

That didn't matter, though. The BLMers had already decided at that point to riot. They destroyed police vehicles, threw bricks through the windows of the historic post office, chased pedestrians down the street simply for being white, and looted storefronts.

Calm was only restored once Lancaster County was able to deploy its SWAT officers in their armored vehicle to clear the streets.

The police got their armored vehicle, body armor, rifles, and other gear through the Pentagon's 1033 Program. This is where the Department of Defense gives police departments decommissioned military equipment to keep their communities safe.

Last night proved that the 1033 Program works. Officers used that equipment to put down the riots and restore order. In Congress, however, both parties have agreed to reform the 1033 Program and cut off police departments from accessing much of the equipment...

Stop them before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and tell every Congressman and Senator that you will REMOVE anyone who votes for this Defund the Police amendment!

Joe Biden called police departments the "enemy" because they use Pentagon-sourced armored vehicles to respond to riots and violent crime. He promised that if he is elected, he will abolish the 1033 Program and end what he called the "militarization" of the police.

From where I stand, the clear enemies arent police. The enemies are the BLM thugs spreading lies to gin up anger and cause riots. The real enemies are the political agitators who use any police shooting, even the clearly justified ones, as an excuse to destroy small businesses.

Police in Lancaster were able to restore law and order because they had access to decommissioned military equipment. The mob destroyed an unarmored police vehicle. The department had no choice but to deploy their armored Mine Resistant Armored Personnel (MRAP) and BearCat vehicles.

Democrats want to put a stop to that. And if they get their way, they won't have to wait for Joe Biden to become President...

Inside the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2021 -- the annual spending bill that funds the Department of Defense -- there is an amendment the alter the 1033 Program and cut off police departments' access to military equipment.

The House version of the Pentagon appropriations bill would cut off almost all police departments from accessing surplus military equipment. There are exceptions for things like clothes or wiring, but anything police would actually use to defend themselves and their communities would be off limits.

Even worse, the House Democrats plan would include a clawback provision. Whenever an officer is involved in a shooting that becomes the subject of a civil rights or excessive force violation, that police department would be forced to turn over the equipment they received from the 1033 program. For many towns and cities in America, this is a death wish.

We all admit that there are bad cops out there and when they break the law and hurt or kill innocent people, we support swift justice. But the vast majority of police are good people who want to protect their communities and make it home safe at the end of the day to be with their families. The Democrats' proposal to claw back police departments' riot equipment right when they need it most will lead to more lives being lost.

Remember Ferguson, MO in 2014? When the the Radical Left claimed that Michael Brown yelled "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" but was gunned down in cold blood by a police officer? The mob torched entire neighborhoods and the DOJ opened a civil rights violation into the officer involved and the department as a whole. After 7 months, the Obama administration finally admitted that the officer acted in self-defense and that "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" was a fabrication.

Under the Democrats' proposal, the Ferguson Police would have been forced to turn over their armored vehicle and much of their riot gear for seven months while their city burned around them.

There is nothing common sense about this. Democrats are just so hell-bent on defunding the police, they are willing to actually strip police departments of their riot equipment right when they need it most...

The GOP has already caved. In the Senate, Republicans voted this summer on a "compromise" plan to cut off police departments' access to certain Pentagon equipment, such as armored, weaponized vehicles. The GOP amendment passed by a margin of 90-10. A much stricter version, more in line with the anti-cop Democrats in the House, received 51 votes in the Senate. Not enough to end debate, but enough support to pass in a conference...

Both the House and the Senate have approved legislation to defund American police departments by cutting off their access to surplus military equipment. Both parties are negotiating right now over a "compromise" bill. But the only proposal with the votes to pass both chambers is the stricter version.

Democrats are refusing to pass the GOP's watered-down police defunding amendment and are insisting that practically the entire 1033 program be shut down. And because four Republicans -- Gardner (CO), Daines (MT), Murkowski (AK), and Paul (KY) -- they now have enough votes to push their Defund the Police bill through!

Stop them before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and tell every Congressman and Senator that you will REMOVE anyone who votes for this Defund the Police amendment!

Make no mistake, this is an attempt to defund the police. Since 1991, the Pentagon has given American police departments more than 7 billion in equipment. The only thing local police have to pay for is the shipping. This has saved American taxpayers tens of billions, since it would undoubtedly cost more if police had to purchase their equipment new.

Democrats want to give local and state governments a choice: give up their police departments' riot equipment and leave their communities unprotected or raise  taxes so they can afford to purchase the gear at retail prices... Either towns and cities will  have to surrender their streets to the mob or taxpayers will be forced to pay more for the privilege of safety...

And as I said, the GOP is already backing this plan. Only five Senate Republicans -- Blackburn (TN), Cotton (AR), Hawley (MO), Kennedy (LA), and Loeffler (GA) -- voted against the compromise plan to cut off police departments from getting Pentagon surplus vehicles. The rest of the GOP voted to meet the Left halfway on their plan to defund American police departments...

The Left can smell the GOP's cowardice and now they are demanding police be cut off from receiving defensive gear from the Pentagon. And if the Republicans don't agree to Defund the Police, Democrats are threatening to shut down the Pentagon at the end of the month...

If BLMers are willing to riot in Amish Country over a clearly justified police shooting, then no community in America is safe. Democrats want to make sure of that by cutting off the government program that helps local police affordably prepare for riots and terrorist attacks.

And the Spineless Republicans are already on board. The only thing they are debating is how much to cut...

Please, I am begging you: join today's campaign by sending your FaxBlast (link below) to Congress and telling them that you Back the Blue and will remove any Congressman or Senator who doesn't!

Don't let the GOP and Dems get away with this!

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily