From the very beginning, the Republicans in Congress have abandoned their principles to help Obama and the Democrats meet each and every one of Iran's demands. It is not surprising that Obama and Kerry managed to negotiate a deal that gives Iran billions but gets us nothing at all in return. 

There is no way for the United States to verify that Iran is even complying with the deal. We rely on international inspectors to monitor Iran's nuclear research but in the country's most sensitive military bases, where the nuclear weapon program existed, the agreement Obama and Kerry signed allows Iran to "self-inspect."

What kind of fool lets a terrorist state "self-inspect" and self-certify whether or not they are building a weapon of mass destruction!?

We are talking about the same Iranian government that financed roadside bombings against US soldier in Iraq for years. The same Iran that props up terrorist organizations that literally kill Americans and our allies. Yes, this is the same Iran continues to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, which have no purpose but to deliver weapons of mass destruction.

Last year, just before leaving office, Obama gave Iran 1.7 billion in hard currency in addition to 130+ tons of uranium. We have gotten nothing in return and Obama gave them everything they wanted.

Donald Trump promised that he would decertify the Iran nuclear deal. Today, he will make that announcement. However, because of the way that the GOP caved to Obama on this the first time, Congress must now finish the job.

Yet at the 11th hour, Republicans in Congress are getting cold feet. Instead of taking action to ensure that Iran never gets a nuclear weapon, they are now considering working with Democrats to keep Obama's idiotic deal in place!

Help us dismantle Barack Obama's idiotic and suicidal nuclear deal with Iran! Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to vote to reimpose sanctions and withdraw from the agreement!

Back when the Iran deal was being debated in Congress, a handful of Establishment-types added an amendment to ensure it passed. Normally, a treaty like this would require a 2/3 majority in the Senate. Instead, the agreement was approved with an amendment only requiring 51 votes to pass the upper chamber.

What does that mean? All it takes is for three Republicans to vote with the Democrats and they can save the Iran deal and protect the Islamic Republic of Iran's pathway to a nuclear weapon.

We already know who one of them will be: Tennessee Senator Bob Corker. Yep, the same one who literally retired so that he could attack Trump without worrying about being re-elected. He controls the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and was influential in forcing the Iran nuclear deal down our throats the first time.

Now, he just needs two other GOP traitors to join him. Will it be Lisa Murkowski? Susan Collins? John McCain? Or maybe even Mitch McConnell himself?

President Trump is fulfilling his promise. Now, the Republican Members of Congress are once again threatening to save the same Obama policies they promised to dismantle.

We need to fight back against this right now before it is too late!

Don't let Congress surrender and save Obama's suicidal Iran nuclear deal. Send your instant message and FORCE them to dismantle it and re-impose sanctions immediately!

Together, we have been fighting against this suicidal Iran deal from the beginning. If the deal is not dismantled, Iran will have a nuclear weapon in no more than seven year's time.

We have seen first hand what happens when these liberal policies of appeasement are allowed to go into effect. Remember, it was President Bill Clinton who announced he had struck a deal with North Korea to make sure they would never get a nuclear weapon. Just yesterday, there was yet another "earthquake" detected at North Korea's nuclear weapon test site.

This is the reality we face in Iran if the deal Obama struck is allowed to stay in effect. President Obama gve them all the money and uranium they need to build a bomb. He struck a deal allowing them to continue researching ballistic missile technologies. So when (not if) Iran decides to go nuclear, they will be able to bulid a deliverable bomb in just months.

If we don't stop them now, they will eventually be unstoppable.

We suffered through eight years of Obama surrendering our sovereignty and empowering our enemies. Now that we finally have the power to undo all of it, Republicans are once again mobilizing to try to save his legacy.

They are pathetic and they must be stopped!

That is why we are mobilizing as well. We are calling on all like-minded Constitutional Conservatives to raise their voices together and get loud right now.

Fight back! Before it's too late, tell Congress in no uncertain terms right now that if they protect this asinine nuclear deal, they will be removed from office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily