President Trump revealed today that he would be taking "big action" to secure the southern border from not only the illegal alien caravan, but all illegal aliens trying to sneak into the country.

Ever since Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell stabbed the President in the back by defunding his border wall, President Trump has shifted to reclassify the southern border as a defense and national security issue.

As we speak, the DoD is crafting a plan to have the Army Corps of Engineers build the wall. Until that can happen, Trump has vowed to deploy the military to the Southern border to stop the surge in illegal immigration.

The establishment is furious. They thought they had succeeded in killing the border wall when they blocked it in the Omnibus bill. Ryan and McConnell agreed with Schumer and Pelosi to prohibit Trump from building a wall. Not only that, but these cowards actually reduced the resources given to Border Patrol to detain illegal aliens. That means more and more of these illegal alien invaders will be allowed to walk free.

Not only has the President ignored those limitations and authorized construction of a 30 foot tall steel wall at the border, but now he is bringing in military assets to do what the GOP and Democrats tried to defund.

Chuck Schumer has vowed to block Trump's plan from moving forward and is filing a lawsuit if Trump tries to reallocate defense funding to the border wall. But Schumer might not actually have to do that.

In recent days, members of the GOP establishment have been meeting with Democrats behind closed doors to discuss ways to stop Trump's border-military strategy. They are committed to blocking Trump no matter what.

Don't let this happen!

The President needs your help! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they fully authorize Pres. Trump's border security plan, or else!

Democrats didn't fight Obama when he deployed the National Guard to the border in 2010. Establishment Republicans cheered George W. Bush when he deployed the Guard to the border in 2006.

But with Trump, apparently it's different.

Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of the GOP establishment are so terrified of Donald Trump's policies actually working that they have committed themselves to sabotaging him at every turn. It was Paul Ryan who held a secret meeting with the Republican Caucus weeks before the election and told them he would "never support Donald Trump. Not now, not ever." 

That's one of the only promises Ryan seems interested in keeping...

Already, we are seeing members of the Republican Party running away from immigration. They are declaring the issue off-limits until after the election.

That's not going to work....

On the one hand, we have the Dems and GOPers conspiring to sabotage Trump's plan and the very people who could stop this are terrified to do so.

It is up to YOU -- it is up to all of us -- to hold Congress' feet to the fire!

Please, help Pres. Trump secure the border! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to authorize Pres. Trump's border security plan before it's too late!

When it happened, we said that Ryan, McConnell, and the GOP leadership folded like a cheap suit when it came time to fund Trump's border security plan.

But now that Trump has figured out a way to secure the border anyway, the GOPers are once again working with the Dems to figure out how to block Trump. It is clear that they intended on sabotaging him all along.

That is where you come in. It is up to YOU to put the fear back into these politicians and force them to fully authorize Trump's border security plan. 

Don't let these cowards abandon us!

Please, send your urgent message to Congress right now and demand that they fully approve Pres. Trump's border security plan before it's too late!