Stand With Tina Peters: Trial Begins July 31st – Fight For Election Integrity! 

Stand With Tina Peters: Trial Begins July 31st – Fight For Election Integrity! 
Stand With Tina Peters: Trial Begins July 31st – Fight For Election Integrity! 
Beginning on July 31st,  Tina Peters will go to trial for her role in exposing the rampant election fraud plaguing our nation. Tina is a whistleblower who took necessary steps to shed light on the truth of our electoral system. She has played a significant role in providing evidence that the voting machines are corrupt and fraudulent, making her the target of unrelenting political attacks. Tina is being persecuted for the information she revealed, which is why all our elected officials, including Congress, must stand with Tina Peters during her trial and call for the end of this politically motivated attack. Congress, stand with Tina Peters, stand with whistleblowers, stand with America!
In 2021, Tina Peters made headlines when she did a full backup of her county’s electronic voting machines prior to the State’s “Trusted Build” software update — a backup required by law. This backup contained proof that the elections in Mesa County were fraudulent, leading to nearly three years of constant political attacks to demonize and persecute Peters.
However, three forensic reports have proven Tina’s innocence and justified her actions. On September 15th, 2021, it was confirmed that the data described in the federal elections commission 2002 voting system standards mandated by Colorado law were indeed destroyed by the system vendor and the Colorado secretary of state office. On March 1, 2022, it was reported that Mesa County’s electronic voting systems contained 36 separate wireless devices, allowing connections to the internet. In a third report on March 19, 2022, it was found that there was the creation of shadow databases, enabling illegal software and vote swapping.
Thanks to Tina Peters, as a whistleblower, she helped reveal this damning evidence of election fraud taking place not just in Mesa County but all over the United States. This is the very reason why she has been relentlessly attacked and persecuted because she, as a whistleblower, spoke the truth and acted to preserve our electoral system.
Tina’s trial, beginning on July 31st, will have nothing to do with these whistleblower efforts. Instead, she is being charged with attempting to influence a public official, which means she cannot bring up anything about the election fraud she exposed. The cards are intentionally stacked against her to demonize, persecute, and discredit the damning evidence she helped to expose.

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