Justice FAILED: Court's Response to Trump's Fabricated Indictments vs. Biden's Treason
As we're all aware, the 2024 elections are approaching. Just like in 2020, the main contenders are the current President, Joe Biden, and the former President, Donald Trump. Both individuals, along with their associates, are under investigation. However, only one of them is facing what appear to be baseless charges.
Let's examine this closely:
Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, are currently under scrutiny for their international dealings in Ukraine and China, including transactions with a foreign adversary. Numerous pieces of evidence and whistleblowers' testimonies indicate serious allegations of treason, such as selling state secrets.
Moreover, in an interview with Senator Ted Cruz, Comer disclosed how the Biden family employed shell companies to manage a $3 million payment from China to Biden's business partner, Rob Walker. Cruz questioned whether the Chinese Communist government directly sent the money, and Comer confirmed it. Rather than wiring the money directly to Hunter Biden, they routed it through a series of companies – Robinson Walker, Owasco, and Bohai – effectively masking the fund's origin, resembling tactics seen in organized crime operations.
The revelations from Comer raise grave concerns about the financial activities of the Biden family and their use of shell companies to obscure fund sources.
But hold on – it gets worse. Despite all of this information, Biden and his family, seemingly protected by the FBI, have orchestrated a personal damage control effort, censoring social media posts about the Hunter Biden case. They've exploited their influence to manipulate investigations and faced unusually lenient consequences.
The investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden has barely seen the light of day, and Hunter's charges? Well, he's received only minor repercussions.
Isn't it ironic? How differently has President Trump been treated by the legal system? How many investigations, indictments, social media tirades, and smear campaigns has he endured?
And for what? Simply questioning the integrity of elections? Voicing opinions that don't align with the Democrats?
Trump's most recent indictment compelled him and his associates, all working to uncover alleged election fraud, to take mugshots and undergo booking procedures.
Can you believe this?
Is this truly the state of our nation? The Bidens, caught red-handed committing blatant crimes, hardly facing thorough investigations, let alone any real consequences. Meanwhile, Trump, for merely raising concerns about the election, facing intense investigations, indictments, mugshots, and online defamation.
It's laughable! It's a disgrace!
This seems calculated – a strategy to obstruct Trump from running again, while securing Biden's position in office, where he can capitalize on and perpetuate our corrupted judiciary system.