Fellow Conservative,

President Trump has laid down the law. He just informed Planned Parenthood that if they wanted to keep their federal funding, they needed to drop the abortion side of their business.

The Planned Parenthood executives refused the President’s offer. Not that surprising...

Last night the House Republicans released their draft version of the Obamacare repeal and replace bill. We’re currently printing it out and will be reading the entire thing, which is more than the Democrats could say about the Affordable Care Act…

But one provision in the law deals directly with Donald Trump’s proposal. If the Republican healthcare bill passes, then Planned Parenthood would be defunded for at least one year as long as they continue to provide abortions.

Now, Congress begins the process of amending the bill and you can bet that Democrats and RINOs will try desperately to remove the Planned Parenthood measure.

It is up to YOU, me, and every like-minded Conservative to make sure this amendment stays in the bill!

Please, defend the unborn and join the fight! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they defund Planned Parenthood in the repeal and replace bill!

Defunding Planned Parenthood for even just one year would be a death sentence.

This one organization receives more than $500 million of your money every year. Pulling this funding would force them to choose between bankruptcy and dropping their abortion services.

If they choose to keep their abortion side of the business, then the half billion dollars would be funneled to non-abortion women’s health centers.

This is what we’ve been waiting for. Every single pro-life battle that we have waged over the past decades now comes down to this.

This is our one chance to stop American taxpayer money from being funneled to the biggest abortion provider in the world.

And the best part? Democrats alone cannot stop it. Because Obamacare was determined to be a “tax” by the Supreme Court, Congress can defund it without risk of a Democrat filibuster.

But we cannot afford to lose any Republicans. Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins (ME) have already come out and announced that they will not allow Planned Parenthood to be defunded. That brings us to exactly 51 votes if Vice President Pence breaks the tie.

You can bet that the abortion lobby will desperately try to pull more Republicans to their side. They only need to win one more over.

It is up to YOU to stop them!

Pull the plug on Planned Parenthood! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pull all federal funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers!

This is the abortion battle of our time. Pull $500 million from Planned Parenthood and the whole organization will collapse. Or, if they change their model to be able to keep the funding, then the largest abortion provider on earth will instantly disappear.

Pro-choice advocates always say that a woman's decision to abort should only involve her and her doctor. Yet every year, Democrats demand that their bills be paid for by the taxpayers.

No more.

Please, defend the unborn and join the fight! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they defund Planned Parenthood in the repeal and replace bill!

Let's end this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily