Fellow Conservative,

Have you seen the news? Brian Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s IT aide who set up her private email server, has announced that he will plead the 5th in an upcoming deposition.

Just to recap… When Pagliano testified before a Congressional inquiry, he pled the 5th as well. Then, when interrogated by the FBI, he received immunity in return for testimony. Now, he’s pleading the 5th again in a civil suit.

The logic behind this? He doesn’t want to contradict what he told the FBI and risk losing his immunity. He already gave his side of the story with complete immunity. If he contradicts himself in anyway, it puts his immunity agreement in jeopardy.

Someone broke the law and is going to jail but it won’t be Brian Pagliano. The Clintons teed him up to be the fall guy and he refused to go quietly.

Now, more than ever before, I am convinced that Hillary Rodham Clinton is guilty of Espionage Act violations. If the Espionage Act wasn’t violated, the server technician would have no fear of losing immunity.

But Obama continues to provide protection for her. For goodness sake, he was out campaigning for her yesterday. Does this look like a chief executive preparing to accept a recommendation for indictment?

He’s going to let her off the hook and YOU cannot allow this to happen!

Don’t let Obama sweep this under the rug! Please, FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they appoint an Independent Prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton for Espionage Act violations!

That’s what’s on the table. Hillary Clinton violated the Espionage Act. What she did was tantamount to someone taking classified documents from a secure environment to his or her house and just leaving them on the kitchen counter.

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, was privy to some of the most Classified information within the government. And she stored them on a computer system that was not secured and was never approved or inspected by a government agency.

The recent watchdog report 100% verifies this. What Hillary did completely violated US law and State Department regulations. No one gave her permission to do this and if it were widely known she was using a non-secure private server, she would have been reprimanded.

But she wasn’t reprimanded. She wasn’t forced to use a government-issued email account. She put national security at risk and left Classified information vulnerable to hackers.

The IT technician who made this possible has already received immunity. He’s not going to be the one to go to prison.

Only Hillary Clinton can answer for her crimes and only you can make sure that she does!

Obama’s not going to prosecute Hillary Clinton. He’s out campaigning for her! Don’t delay: Force Congress to push for an Independent Prosecutor to put Hillary away for good!

By all accounts, Hillary was planning on pointing to Brian Pagliano, the man who set-up and maintained the server, and blaming him for any illegality. With him receiving immunity and pleading the 5th, it is clear he is cooperating with the FBI. 

The FBI is looking to interrogate Clinton this week. We're nearing the end.

In the coming days, FBI Director James Comey will pick up the phone and recommend that Obama's Department of (in)Justice move forward with prosecuting Mrs. Clinton.

If Loretta Lynch or any other Obama appointee is the one to answer the phone, Hillary Clinton will get off.

We cannot allow this to happen. You cannot allow this to happen!

If an impartial, independent prosecutor is assigned to the case, Hillary will be put away. The evidence is clear that she committed a crime. Everything Hillary has claimed up to this point has been confirmed to be a lie.

Let's force Hillary to trade her pantsuits for jumpsuits!

Don't let the Democrats shield this criminal. Get loud right now and DEMAND that an independent prosecutor put Hillary Clinton away once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily