Fellow Conservative,

It is amazing how when we are so close to succeeding, RINOs in the GOP establishment will go out of their way to roll back any progress we’ve made. They have done it on illegal alien amnesty... on gun control... now they are gathering to protect Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is scared. For the first time, her crimes have been put out in the open for the public to see, not by partisan opponents, but by a career prosecutor in the FBI.

Hillary Clinton sent and received classified information in a non-secure fashion and then made that classified information accessible to people without security clearances.

Then she lied about it. She lied not just to the American people, but she lied under oath to Congress and to a Federal Judge. Her crimes are clear and yes, they are punishable with jail time.

But the GOP establishment is already saying they won’t push this any further.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake – who has already said he’d be open to voting for Obama’s radical leftist Supreme Court nominee – has said that he will not push for Hillary Clinton to be charged.

He described charging her and imprisoning her as “jumping the shark” and pledged that he would stop any and all attempts to hold her accountable.

The unfortunate truth is that if we want to defeat the Democrats, we’re going to have to defeat the Republicans as well!

Enough is enough! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress move forward and formally charge Hillary Clinton with Contempt of Congress!

Here’s the deal. Hillary Clinton lied before Congress. The chances that the FBI charges her with lying under oath are slim to none and even if they do happen to recommend indictment, there is no way that Obama’s DOJ would accept the recommendation.

But Congress doesn’t have to rely on the Obama Administration to indict Hillary. The Founders deliberately made it so that Congress could intervene when the Executive Branch proved to be too corrupt to fulfill its duties.

When an Executive Branch official lies under oath to Congress, then Congress has the power to formally charge them.

Then, under the law, the Attorney General has a “duty” to impanel a Grand Jury.

If a recommendation for indictment comes from the FBI, then the Attorney General would have the power to decide whether or not to move forward. But a Contempt of Congress charge takes that power out of the Attorney General’s hands.

If every Republican Congressman voted to hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt, then the Attorney General would be forced to impanel a Grand Jury.

This is the only way.

The Founders hoped that we would never face a situation like this but thank God they prepared for such a worst case scenario.

You have the ability to affect change and the people that were elected to represent you now will decide whether Hillary Clinton faces a Grand Jury or not.

As a voter and member of the electorate, you have more power than you think!

Hillary Clinton belongs in the ‘Big House,’ not the White House! FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to file Contempt of Congress charges against Hillary Clinton!

It is not enough to talk about the crimes Hillary has committed. It is not enough to talk about how she lied and gave false statements to Congress under oath.

The time for talk is over.

It is time for ACTION!

We face opposition from without and within. Both the Democrats and Liberal Republicans don’t want Hillary to be charged. Many of these RINOs secretly want to see her President.

They are mobilizing to protect her. They’re counting on you to just go about your life and not lift a finger.

Prove them wrong!

With one vote, Congress can ensure that Hillary Clinton is prosecuted! But you need to demand it! FaxBlast and demand that Congress file Contempt of Congress charges against Hillary Clinton!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily