Fellow Conservative,

I have never been happier to be wrong. Last week, we reported that the 60-day window for Congress to repeal an Obama-era abortion regulation was almost closed.

When Friday came around (60-calendar days since the regulation went into effect), it looked like the regulation was going to become permanent.

It turns out that Congress technically has a couple extra days to repeal this since the Congressional Review Act refers to “session days,” not “calendar days.”

That means that Congress still has time to dismantle Obama’s pro-abortion executive order. So, on Friday, the House of Representatives officially passed HJ Resolution 43 by a vote of 230-188.

We are halfway there!

Finish the fight! Send your urgent message to Congress and DEMAND that they repeal Obama’s 11th hour pro-abortion regulation!

The Pro-Life movement finally has a champion in the White House. This year, Mike Pence became the highest-ranking government employee ever to speak at the March for Life in Washington DC.

There is tremendous potential here. We have the power to undo years of pro-abortion, pro-death policies. We are one Supreme Court Justice away from having a pro-life majority on the bench.

The one thing we cannot afford, however, is to waste this opportunity before us.

Obama passed this regulation – entitled “to increase access to affordable family planning and preventive services” - as a parting gift for Planned Parenthood. He tried desperately to tie conservatives’ hands and force them to fund abortionists.

The regulation labeled abortion providers as ‘essential health services,’ thereby prohibiting conservative states from pulling their funding from abortion providers. They would be forced to provide funding for abortions.

Obama couldn’t directly fund abortions when he was President. US law explicitly prohibits Federal funds from going to abortion services. The Federal government is allowed to provide Title X grant money to the states for family planning services, but the Federal government cannot funnel grant money to abortionists.

This Obama executive order discovered a work-around. While the law bans taxpayer-funded abortions, Obama pushed a regulation through in his final days forcing states to give this grant money to abortion providers anyway.

By labeling Planned Parenthood as an ‘essential health service provider,’ the Obama administration was able to sidestep the law and force states to provide the funding.

If this regulation is not repealed right now, then YOU will fund abortions. Your tax money will directly finance abortion procedures.

Please help us kill this anti-life executive action! Send your FaxBlast and force Congress to fully pass HJ Res 43!

This was Obama’s last stand. This was his last attempt to force abortion funding onto the American taxpayer.

We are so close to undoing all of it!

We are so close! Please, send your FaxBlast and pressure Congress to repeal this heinous Obama-era anti-life exec. order!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily