Fellow Conservative,

Things are developing so quickly, it’s hard to keep track of all this. But I have breaking news for you.

The House of Representatives is holding an emergency vote TODAY on Obamatrade.

We’ve been hearing rumors. First, we heard that the next vote would be earlier in the week. But thanks to your advocacy, the votes simply weren’t there. Then we heard that the vote wouldn't come until the end of the month. Well, now the next vote is confirmed.

As you remember, the House voted down a key portion of the Obamatrade package last Friday. Because the legislative package has many parts, it can’t be passed without a yes vote on all of its components. Democrats and true conservatives were able to kill one of the components and as a result, the whole package was dead in the water.

So what is John Boehner doing? He is holding an emergency vote on the main part of the package – the TPA – and he is going to push it through as a stand-alone bill.

He knows he doesn’t have the votes, so Boehner is threatening and punishing his adversaries. Three Conservative party leaders were just removed from the whip staff for opposing Obamatrade. He's taking away Conservatives' committee assignments.

He knows he can’t win on merit. So, he is using intimidation to scare the GOP into voting his way.

This cannot be allowed to happen! By tonight, we will know whether the GOP stood up to Obama or surrendered and gave him even more powers. But in the meantime, you must fight! You must give it everything you’ve got and force these spineless legislators to honor their oaths!

Don’t let the GOP give Obama even more power! Demand that they stop Obamatrade in its tracks!

Most of Congress hasn’t even read the Obamatrade package. And those that have read it made sure to have the logbook put under lock and key. They don’t want you to know the truth. They don’t want you to be able to hold them accountable.

But that is exactly what you must do.

Obamatrade contains language to implement Obama’s climate change agenda. Fact!

Obamatrade contains provisions implement Obama’s immigration agenda. Fact!

And that’s just what has leaked out. The rest remains under lock and key.

Gun control, internet regulations, tax hikes, nuclear disarmament… it can all be added if Congress caves and gives him this power.

For goodness sake, these people campaigned and promised that every bill would be made public before any vote. Now, they’re pulling a “Nancy Pelosi” and pledging to give Obama trade-promotional authority without letting you read the trade agreement he’s been working on!

We can’t afford to give Obama the power to add whatever he wants to this trade agreement. To do so would be suicide.

As I said, by this time tomorrow, we will know which Republicans stand for the people and which stand for their corporate donors. Anyone who votes to give Obama fast-track powers will have declared war with Conservative America. Anyone who sides with Boehner will have a target on his or her back.

But, that is for tomorrow. Today, we need to put a stop to this vote! It is the only way to stop Obama from implementing his lame-duck radical agenda!

There’s no tomorrow! Don’t let John Boehner and his RINO allies give Obama the power he needs to implement his radical agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily