Dear Conservative,

This week, the Senate is scheduled to continue voting on amendments to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

This bill started out as a way for Congress to flex its muscles and make sure that it had the final say over whether the Obama administration's deal with Iran actually went through,

Now, however, it stands as a shell of its former self.

Instead of giving Congress the final say, the legislation actually gives the President broad veto powers.

Instead of giving Congress the power to approve the deal, it gives Congress the power to disapprove of the deal, meaning that all it takes is for 34 Democrats to side with the President and the deal goes into effect.

Normally, it would take 67 Senators to approve a treaty. But the GOP changed the bill to give Congress the power to disapprove of the deal, meaning that it takes just a few dozen Democrats to prevent an override of Obama’s veto.

Right now, Mitch McConnell and his allies are fighting tooth-and-nail to make sure that real conservative amendments are left out of the bill.

You must raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress truly put a stop to this terrible and suicidal nuclear deal!

Conservatives are the ones who forced Mitch McConnell to hold a vote on Bob Corker’s Iran bill.

When it was first written, it would have given Congress the power to block the nuclear agreement. But as it stands now, it is nothing but lip service to us Conservatives.

You see, the GOP is a party that is run by losers… Losers who have no desire to actually stand and fight on these important issues.

This legislation is nothing but an opportunity for Republicans to come out and say “we tried.”

There were plenty of opportunities to add real teeth to this legislation.

Ted Cruz’s amendment to classify the Nuclear deal as a treaty was ultimately voted down. So was the amendment to force Iran to stop financing terrorist organizations.

And the amendment to force Iran to recognize the State of Israel never even had a chance in Mitch McConnell’s Senate.

If McConnell’s plan is allowed to continue, the suicidal Iran Nuclear deal will go through. This cannot be allowed to happen!

The truth of the matter is that GOP leadership cannot be trusted. What started as a push for honoring the Constitution’s treaty has turned into nothing but an empty threat.

The GOP claims that it has to “do something.” Well, what’s the use if it doesn’t accomplish anything?

It is up to YOU and the millions of other patriots around the country to give the GOP leadership an ultimatum: Either allow these common-sense Conservative amendments to be added to the Iran bill or be removed from leadership positions immediately!

Don’t let the GOP surrender! Demand that they put a stop to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily