This morning, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that Donald Trump must continue to accept applications into Barack Obama's illegal alien amnesty program.

As you remember, Barack Obama created this amnesty program out of thin air. He declared that he would no longer enforce immigration law and that he would begin granting work permits to illegal aliens so they could begin working in the US. Federal law explicitly prohibits illegal aliens from working on US soil, but Obama again announced that he would not be enforcing that law.

I will say it again: US law explicitly prohibits illegal aliens from living and working in the country. Barack Obama simply promised illegal aliens that he wouldn't enforce those laws.

This was unconstitutional. The Constitution requires that the President "faithfully execute" the laws of the United States. Obama had violated the most basic part of his oath of office.

When President Trump was sworn in, he promised to honor that oath and uphold the law. To that end, he ordered the Federal government to stop accepting amnesty applications and to begin enforcing the law as-written. Liberals sued and this year, the case finally reached the Supreme Court.

The decision just put out by the Supreme Court is the most disgusting example of judicial activism that I have ever seen. The Supreme Court has decided that even though what Barack Obama did was illegal and unconstitutional, Donald Trump needs to keep the program going because he didn't give the court a "good enough reason" to shut it down.

Yes, that is what they actually said this morning. They said that Trump must continue illegally send out work permits to illegal aliens because he didn't give them a good enough reason not to... John Roberts wrote that Trump is free to try again, but that he needs to come up with a good enough reason and must take into account the pain that will be felt by illegal aliens if the program is rescinded.

For years, Republicans swore up and down that they would put an end to Obama's amnesty program. When they finally had the power to do it, those same GOPers said they wanted to give the Supreme Court a chance to rule first.

Now that the ruling has come down, however, Republicans are singing a different tune. Instead of pushing to rescind the program (which they promised to do if the Supreme Court refused to), the GOP is now saying they want to make it permanent. Led by cowards like Mitt Romney, the amnesty wing of the GOP is trying to use this as an excuse to make Obama's amnesty program permanent!

Don't let the GOP cowards cave and make Obama's amnesty program permanent! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to put a stop to this amnesty once and for all!

Congress never gave the Obama administration, or any President for that matter, the power to unilaterally grant work permits and social security numbers to illegal aliens.T he law is clear. 8 USC 12 Section 1324a clearly states that it is unlawful for unauthorized, illegal aliens to work in the United States. Period.

Everything that Barack Obama did here was unlawful and unconstitutional. Because DACA was created out of thin air by executive order, Donald Trump had every right to rescind it the same way. 

Chief Justice John Roberts, siding with the Liberals on the bench, says that doesn't matter. Roberts has ordered Donald Trump to follow Barack Obama's lead and continue violating the law and constitution in order to give amnesty to illegals. He says that Trump didn't give a good enough reason to rescind Obama's executive order and, here's the kicker, "failed to consider... the hardship to [amnesty] recipients."

Barack Obama broke the law and violated the Constitution, but his program has to stay running because it would cause "hardship" to illegal aliens to rescind it...

I am fuming mad and you should be too.

And I am fuming mad at the spineless GOP. They had an opportunity to kill this amnesty executive years ago, but they said they wanted to defer to the Courts. Now that the Supreme Court has shredded the Constitution and forced Trump to keep the amnesty program going, instead of honoring that promise, the GOPers now are teaming up with Democrats to make it permanent.

You need to rise up right now and fight back against this betrayal!

Join me in burying Congress with hundreds of thousands of faxes DEMANDING that they hold the line against Barack Obama's unconstitutional amnesty order!

I don't want to hear that illegal aliens take jobs that Americans "don't want." Barack Obama's amnesty program only applied to illegal aliens with high school and college degrees. More than 1/8 of amnesty recipients held white collar jobs. The rest held blue collar jobs. These are not fruit and vegetable pickers. These are illegal aliens that Barack Obama gave permission to work blue and white collar jobs.

My wife used to be a teacher. When she was in the application process to work at an inner-city school, she had to compete against illegal alien amnesty recipients for the job. When she was hired, she had to work with illegal aliens who had beaten out Americans for those teaching positions.

The law is written to ensure that Americans never have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs. It is unconscionable that at a time when over 45 million Americans are unemployed, Democrats and Republicans are focused on protecting illegal aliens' jobs... It is absolutely insane.

The GOP made us a promise, going all the way back to John Boehner. They swore that if the courts refused to tear down Barack Obama's amnesty executive order, they would do it.

But now that it is time to honor that oath, not only are they refusing to do it, but they instead want to do the opposite and make the amnesty permanent!

The GOP is stabbing you in the back right now. You MUST fight back before it's too late!

This is your last chance! Click here to make sure the GOP doesn't cave to the Left's amnesty demands!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily