We were going to run a different article today but as I am watching Hillary Clinton smirking while testifying before the Benghazi Committee, I am just filled with rage. As I watch the Democrats on the committee provide political cover, I just want to throw something at the television.

Hillary Clinton actually nodded and smirked while Rep. Cummings (D-MD) said that the committee was a joke.

All the Democrats on the committee have acted completely out of line. Here they are sitting on a committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Benghazi attack and they are more interested in blasting the committee itself and defending the Democrat frontrunner than actually searching for the truth.

Just yesterday, the Democrats on the Benghazi Committee illegally leaked 307-pages of classified transcripts from private interviews. They are literally doing everything in their power to sabotage Trey Gowdy and the search for the truth.

News also reached us yesterday that many of the Democrats on the Select Committee were considering resigning from their committee post in protest.

I say, “Why wait?” If they are more interested in providing political cover for Mrs. Clinton, then they should get off the committee!

Tell Congress to remove EVERY hostile Democrat from the Benghazi Committee and stop them from stonewalling this investigation!

Without the Benghazi Committee, we wouldn’t have known that Hillary Clinton was skirting the law to keep her emails hidden from Congressional oversight. We wouldn’t know that Hillary literally broke the law and committed perjury. Other committees never even tried to access Ambassador Stevens’ emails or interview key players.

The Benghazi Committee is doing good work but thanks to the hostile Democrats on the committee, with every one step forward there are two steps back.

For goodness sake, the Democrats just broke the law and leaked 307-pages of transcripts to the press all in an attempt to scuttle the committee on the eve of Hillary Clinton’s testimony. They leaked the documents and they’re proud of it.

At every single step, they have tried to impede Trey Gowdy and the committee’s work. They have stalled and delayed, all the while criticizing the investigation for taking so long.

They have absolutely no interest of asking real questions or pursuing truth. The five Democrats on the committee are there for one reason: protecting Hillary Clinton and sabotaging the investigation.

So the solution is simple.

The Democrats were unsure of whether the wanted to join the committee in the beginning and even now they are debating resigning from it. So, let’s give them what they want.

If they don’t want to actually work towards the truth, then they need to be removed from the committee. Period.

Earlier this week, the mother of Sean Smith (one of the Benghazi victims) broke down during a national television interview listing all the lies that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration have perpetuated. The footage is absolutely gut wrenching.

This grieving mother deserves the truth, the families of all four victims deserve the truth, the American people deserve the truth, and by God, if Democrats are going to stand in the way of delivering this truth to them, they MUST be removed from this committee!

Democrats on the Benghazi Committee are deliberately trying to derail the investigation. If they don’t want to cooperate, tell Congress to remove them from the Committee immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily