Fellow Conservate,

Hillary Clinton’s entire argument surrounding her involvement in the Benghazi scandal is the fact that she didn’t lie to the American people, but rather changed her story as new information became available.

The problem is that the timeline completely ruins Hillary Clinton’s narrative and now that the State Department has released more Benghazi documents, we have PROOF that Hillary Clinton lied under oath!

Before Hillary Clinton started telling the country that a “horrible YouTube video” had spontaneously caused the attack, she was telling her family members in private that Benghazi was the result of a terrorist attack.

In the evening of September 11, 2012, the State Department released a statement from Hillary Clinton, saying that the violence was in response to inflammatory material posted on the internet.

An hour later, however, Hillary Clinton wrote to her daughter, Chelsea, and told a different story:

“Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Queda [sic] like group: The Ambassador, whom I handpicked and a young communications officer on temporary duty w a wife and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of the same tomorrow. Let's try again later.”

Within an hour, she was telling the American people one thing and her family members another. But more importantly, she lied under oath to Congress!

The State Department just confirmed that Hillary LIED under oath! FaxBlast Congress and demand they hold this criminal in Contempt of Congress and prosecute her now!

In newly released notes, we now get a glimpse into the stories she was telling foreign leaders. It seems that her lying wasn’t just limited to the story she told the American people.

On September 12th, Hillary Clinton spoke to Afghan President Hamid Kharzi.

“We appreciate your statement in response to the video," she said, "especially, the point that the people that make these kind of videos are a fringe group. We need to talk about religious feelings and insults and defamation.”

No, Madam Secretary. On September 12th, the United States didn’t need to talk about religious feelings and insults and defamation and the US shouldn’t have. But Barack Obama was running for re-election and couldn’t risk admitting he left Americans to die during a terror attack.

Just hours after this phone call, Hillary spoke to Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil over the phone. She told him that the Benghazi attacks “had nothing to do with the film.”

Hillary’s story didn’t change according to information she received, her story changed because she wanted to deceive. By our count, Hillary Clinton’s narrative changed at least five times during the first 24 hours after the attack. However her message to the American people was always a lie.

She testified before Congress, under oath, that all of her statements were determined by the intelligence available at the time. She lied.

Perjury is a criminal offense and Congress has the power to hold her in Contempt.

It is up to YOU to demand it!

Hillary lied and Americans died! Force Congress to hold Corrupt Clinton in Contempt of Congress and prosecute her to the fullest extent!

Trey Gowdy, everyone’s favorite Congressional prosecutor, came out this week and announced that the Benghazi Committee was getting closer to releasing it’s final report.

That’s not good enough!

Time and time again, Hillary has asked "what difference does it make" if she lied to the American people.

It makes all the difference. Four people died and she didn't even have the decency to tell the truth as to why.

Hillary Clinton needs to be held in Contempt. She needs to be put away. She lied under oath about lying to the American people!

But the only way this happens is if you get loud and unavoidable right now!

Don’t let Hillary get away with lying under oath! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress and prosecute her fully!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily