Fellow Conservative,

The case against Hillary Clinton is rather simple. She stated under oath twice that she handed over every single work related email. All it takes to throw her in prison is for work related emails to be recovered off of her hard-drive that were never handed over to the State Department.

While the FBI is working on that, the State Department announced Friday afternoon that the Defense Department had located more emails that Hillary Clinton never turned over. Who was she speaking with, you ask? None other than General David Patraeus. 

No, you can't make this up. Hillary Clinton destroyed records of her conducting state Department business by speaking to a man who was himself convicted of mishandling classified government records!

When Hillary signed over control of her emails to the State Department, she did so "under penalty of perjury." When Hillary and her lawyers certified before a Federal Judge that all relevant work-related emails were handed over, this too was done "under penalty of perjury." That literally means that if she lies, she can be thrown in jail.

This isn't a joke, no matter how much Hillary tries to laugh it off. But the fact remains is that she is a criminal and the Obama administration is shielding her!

Complete proof that Hillary Clinton lied under oath! Demand that Congress bypass Obama’s corrupt DOJ and appoint a Special Prosecutor!

If you ever want to find out what the Obama administration is trying to hide, see what they reluctantly announce on Friday afternoons. Even better, wait for a time that the news media is focused on something else, like the Pope’s visit to America.

While all eyes were on Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S., the State Department admitted that Hillary lied under oath and destroyed government documents. Both are crimes.

Here at Conservative Daily, we have one job: keep you informed with every bit of news a conservative should know. We keep our eyes and ears tuned 24/7 so you don’t have to. And every morning, we deliver into your inbox news that the mainstream media is ignoring.

But that is just one aspect of what we do. More importantly, we strive to call you into action. At times, it is easy to be cynical over how much one citizen can accomplish. But let me tell you something. John Boehner announced his resignation because he was sick and tired of receiving tens of thousands of FaxBlasts everyday from Patriots like you.

It’s not how much you know, but rather what you do once you know it.

Here, we have a cut and dry case. Hillary Clinton swore under oath that she handed over all government records in her possession and she flat-out lied.

The Obama administration has all of the evidence it needs to have her arrested and brought before a judge. But why would a Democrat President go after the Democratic frontrunner? The same applied for how Lois Lerner and Eric Holder slipped through the cracks. Why would Obama prosecute one of his own?

Under the Constitution, Congress has oversight power over the Executive Branch and the law allows for Congress to appoint a Special Independent Prosecutor. But up until now, with John Boehner in charge, Congress has flat out refused to do what is necessary to prosecute Hillary. Now, we have an opening.

With Boehner resigning, this is our chance! Tell Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to hit Hillary with perjury charges before it’s too late!

She’s a criminal. There is no denying it. When an average person lies under oath to a judge or government agency, he or she goes to prison. So far, Hillary has been able to walk free because the Obama administration refuses to prosecute her.

It’s a complete joke.

We have a chance to put an end to this but you need to get loud now!

Tell Congress to take the gloves off and go after Hillary Clinton with a Special Prosecutor! Don’t let her get away with this!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily