As it is, Robert Mueller has no business running this investigation against Trump. Under the Department of Justice's own rules, his close friendship with James Comey disquaifies him. But the lawyers he is choosing to hire proves he is absolutely biased.

Special Counsel Mueller has begun hiring lawyers to staff up for his investigation against President Trump and it is shocking how little he seems to care about appearances.

One of the lawyers that Mueller just hired to go after Donald Trump is Jeannie Rhee. She represented Hillary Clinton's foundation during last year's email investigation and helped them block Freedom of Information Act requests. Her job was literally to make sure that evidence did not get released publicly. Now, I know what you're saying. Just because she represented Clinton, doesn't mean she was a supporter. Well, last year's FEC filings also show she gave the maximum amount to the Clinton campaign that was allowed by law.

Three other news lawyers hired to go after Trump were responsible for donating tens of thousands to the Obama and Hillary campaigns. The whole thing is stacked against Pres. Trump.

President Trump has committed no crimes. He was never under investigation for "colluding" with Russia. He never ordered Comey to end the investigation and if he had, Comey would have been obligated to report it. 

The whole thing is a sham. But the fact that Mueller is now hiring Clinton lawyers and supporters to go after Trump anyway... it's time to shut it down.

Send your immediate FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they put an end to this leftist witch hunt once and for all!

It truly is remarkable. Hillary Clinton and her aides physically destroyed their Blackberry phones with hammers to prevent investigators from ever being able to read the data. They used bleachbit to wipe the email servers as soon as they learned there was an active investigation.

And yet, they are going after President Trump for allegedly saying to Comey, "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, letting Flynn go."

The last time I got pulled over for speeding, I told the cop that I hoped he could let me off with a warning. Does that make me guilty of obstruction of justice too? Am I under investigation by a special counsel too?

Nothing President Trump did amounts to obstruction. He has the constitutional authority to fire the FBI Director at any time and for any reason. Add in the fact that Trump was never under investigation and it is impossible for Comey's firing to be considered illegal.

And yet, Robert Mueller is still hiring Clinton lawyers as fast as he can find them...

We are launching a full operation today demanding that Congress shut down this sham of an investigation immediately.

The fact that Mueller is now hiring Clinton lawyers and donors is shameful. But it shows that this was a witch hunt from the beginning!

Join us and help put an end to this nonsense once and for all!

 Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they put an end to this leftist witch hunt and allow Trump to immediately fire all Obama holdovers!