Fellow Conservative,

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton sent a clear message to Barack Obama: “Shutdown the Benghazi Committee.”

So the Left is rallying around her call and pushing to disband the committee in order to save Hillary from having to testify.

Without the Benghazi Committee, we never would have found out that Hillary Clinton broke the law and illegally stored classified materials on her private server.

Without the committee, there wouldn’t be an FBI investigation into the matter.

This committee is our best shot not only to bring the truth and closure to the Benghazi victim’s families, but also to get to the bottom of Hillary’s criminal activities.

The Democrats are pulling out all the stops and using every parliamentary maneuver at their disposal to disband the committee. They’re trying to catch the GOP sleeping. Not on my watch!

Don’t let the Left disband the Benghazi Committee. Demand that Congress put a stop to this treachery immediately!

The ranking member of the Rules Committee, Louise M. Slaughter (D-NY), is demanding that the committee be disbanded as well. But what is even more serious is that Alan Grayson (D-FL), a Democrat Congressman, just filed an official ethics complaint against the Benghazi Committee.

This is a big deal. An ethics complaint could derail the entire investigation.

The Democrats are rallying together to disband the Benghazi Select Committee and they are extremely confident that they will succeed.

It is typical that just as the committee begins getting to the bottom of Hillary's crimes, the Democrats would want it disbanded.

Here's a fact: Hillary Clinton improperly stored hundreds of classified and top secret files on an unsecure server. If anyone else did this, they would be in prison. She also lied under oath and failed to hand over all her government records.

If anyone else mismanaged aerial photographs of North Korean nuclear sites (which is what Hillary did) not only would they have their security clearance revoked but they would be arrested.

Hillary swore under oath that she turned over every work related email. That has been proven to be such a lie that the State Department just had to contact the Clinton team and ask if they're sure she didn't miss anything.

The very future of our country is at stake. With Hillary Clinton’s email crimes, she shouldn’t even be allowed to run for President. Anyone who is that negligent with handling state secrets simply cannot be Commander-in-Chief.

The Obama administration has held back on prosecuting her to protect her campaign. Now, Democrats are mounting an attack to stop the only other investigative body interested in getting to the truth: the Benghazi Committee.

This cannot be allowed to happen!

Boehner is more interested with rigging the House leadership elections than protecting the Benghazi Committee from these attacks.

Will you please FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they stop the Left’s attempt to disband the Benghazi Committee? It's easy and only takes a second.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily