Fellow Conservative,

Over the weekend, a truly shocking story came across my desk.

Border Patrol agents were arresting an illegal alien in Arizona when he assaulted the officer and escaped on foot.

The agents finally caught up to the escaped detainee when he collapsed from exhaustion. Following protocol, they transported him to the hospital for observation.

Once at the hospital, the illegal alien again assaulted the officer and fled custody.

It was at this point that Border Patrol contacted the Tucson Police Department and asked for help in re-apprehending the suspect. The Tucson Police refused to help, citing their “sanctuary city” policy. The supervisor who issued the stand down order explained that police had more important “local matters” to tend to. They even kicked Border Patrol agents out of the department's parking lot.

This is what we are up against. A violent illegal alien assaults a Federal agent and flees custody, but liberal police chiefs and mayors still refuse to get involved.

No more.

Police are openly refusing to help Trump capture violent illegal alien criminals. Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and demand they cut off all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities!

Over the weekend, we also learned that a Judge in Portland, Oregon helped an illegal alien DUI suspect flee her courtroom to avoid ICE agents waiting in the hallway. Judge Monica Herranz escorted the illegal alien through a door reserved for court staff. She literally broke the law and concealed an illegal alien from federal agents.

Then there’s San Francisco. That city just announced that it is withdrawing from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. What that means is if the Federal government is investigating suspected terrorists in San Francisco, city police will no longer assist in the investigation. If Federal agents are rushing to stop an attack, San Francisco police won't help them.

These leftists are so committed to political correctness that they would rather put the city at risk of a terror attack than cooperate with Trump administration officials.

And yet, all of these sanctuary city jurisdictions continue to receive BILLIONS of dollars in grants from the Federal government.

Why should we pay them to enforce the law when they… refuse to help enforce the law?

President Trump has ordered his cabinet to look into ways to withhold these funds. What they realized is that it will take an Act of Congress.

Congress must pass legislation tying grant spending to a city or state’s willingness to cooperate with Federal investigations.

If cities like Tucson, Portland, or San Francisco refuse to cooperate with and assist Federal law enforcement investigations, then they must lose access to Federal law enforcement grant money. Period.

Congress is right now working on a must-pass spending bill to repeal aspects of Obamacare. In the coming days, they will vote to add amendments to a bill that the Democrats will be powerless to filibuster or block.

Right now, lobbyists from the major industries are meeting with Congressmen and Senators to convince them attach amendments that protect their corporate interests.

It is up you YOU, me, and every other like-minded Patriot to demand that Congress protect our interests!

Defund every single sanctuary city! Tell Congress right now to attach a bill to defund sanctuary cities and states to the next piece of must-pass legislation!

We can’t have local police refusing to assist in re-capturing violent illegal alien fugitives. We cannot have judges actively helping illegal aliens avoid capture.

The only way to force compliance is to hit them where it hurts… their bank accounts.

As I said, Congress is writing-up a must-pass spending bill that Democrats won’t be able to block. It is absolutely imperative that we force Congress to attach an amendment to defund sanctuary cities!

We only get one or two opportunities like this every year. Don’t let it pass us by!

This is our opening. Bombard Congress with FaxBlasts and tell them they MUST vote to withhold federal money from each and every sanctuary city!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily