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Yesterday, Wikileaks dropped almost two thousand emails from Hillary Clinton’s top campaign staff.

A lot has been said about the emails that criticized Catholics and Evangelicals as being “backwards” and Latinos as being “needy,” but one email isn’t getting enough coverage.

David E Kendall, Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, admits in an email that they did not turn over everything to the State Department and warned the Campaign to avoid letting Hillary Clinton make it seem like they did.

“The statement could be read to imply we turned over the thumb drive and server to the State Department—which we didn’t.”

Here is proof that Hillary Clinton’s lawyer instructed Clinton and her entire campaign staff not to say that they turned everything over to the State Department because it would be factually incorrect.

But here is what Hillary Clinton said in her Congressional testimony, two weeks after that email exchange…

Gowdy: Let me ask you this. You say that you turned over everything. I don’t get a chance to watch you a lot on television, but when I see you are interviewed, you make a point of saying, I turned over everything.

Clinton: All my work related emails, yes.

Gowdy: How do you know that?

Clinton: I know that because there was an exhaustive search done under the supervision of my attorneys, and that is exactly the outcome. We turned over every work related email, in fact, as somebody referred to earlier, we turned over too many.

We have known for a while that this was not true. Up until now, the only defense Hillary Clinton had against Perjury charges was that she didn’t know she was lying. But these Wikileaks documents prove that she was perfectly aware of the fact that she didn’t turn everything over, but she said it anyway!

The evidence comes out! Wikileaks proves that Hillary Clinton lied under oath to Congress! Please, send your FaxBlast and DEMAND immediate Contempt of Congress charges!

We know that the statement Hillary made under oath was false. Not only because her lawyer is now revealed to have told her and her campaign that this was a lie, but also because the FBI recovered thousands of work-related emails off of Hillary Clinton’s server that were never turned over to the State Department.

Just last Friday, 270 pages of work-related emails that were recovered off of Hillary Clinton’s “bleached” server were released by the State Department. This is just the first of many batches that the Courts have ordered the State Department to release before the election.

So here we have evidence, compiled by the FBI itself, that Hillary Clinton was factually incorrect in her statements to Congress. But the Wikileaks email proves that her counsel advised her – just 2 weeks before her testimony before the Benghazi Committee – that she would be incorrect to make such a statement.

We have talked to Congressmen over the past couple of weeks and they all have said the same thing. They know that the statements Hillary made under oath were false, but there was no evidence she knew they were false… Until now!

Under the Constitution and the Law, Congress has the power to hold in contempt anyone who lies or gives knowingly false statements to one of its legislative bodies under oath.

When Hillary Clinton said that she turned everything over, she was lying. It has now been confirmed that she was coached by her legal counsel that such a statement would be perjurious, but she said it anyway.

Now, she is daring Congress to do something about it. She is daring them to hold her accountable.

As I write this, more and more people from the FBI are coming forward to reporters and explaining how the whole investigation was rigged.

Only Congress can make sure that justice is done. And only YOU can force Congress to act!

Nail in the coffin! Wikileaks confirms Hillary knew she was lying to Congress! FaxBlast Congress NOW and demand they immediately hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress for lying under oath!

Lock her up,

Joe Otto

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