Fellow Conservative,

We’re receiving word that Paul Ryan is preparing to make major concessions to President Obama help release tens of thousands of drug dealers and traffickers from prison.

At a time when many areas of the country are desperately trying to deal with a new heroin epidemic, Paul Ryan is about to give in and unilaterally release drug offenders from prison.

Make no mistake, many of the people in prison for simple drug crimes received unnecessarily harsh sentences. There are three-time drug offenders who have been in prison longer than some murderers.

There is no doubt that drug addiction is a disease and it should be treated as such. But drug dealing and trafficking is not… those are crimes.

We have a President who has made his legacy on releasing criminals from prison. He sets terrorists free from Guantanamo, releases felony convicted illegal aliens, and now he wants to let tens of thousands of drug dealers and traffickers go as well!

Don’t let Paul Ryan surrender to Obama anymore! If Paul Ryan wants to push Obama’s ridiculous policies, tell Congress he must be removed from power!

These are people who were caught, charged, convicted, and sentenced. Many of them could have been charged with gun crimes as well, but prosecutors routinely drop gun charges in plea deals.

These aren’t innocent people. These aren’t people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time… they decided to go down the path of drug dealing and trafficking.

I have family members who have struggled through addiction. I also know people who have died from drugs.

Drug dealers and traffickers are a scourge on our society and if Paul Ryan wants to side with Obama on this, then it is time we show him the door!

No more surrender! Tell Congress to remove Ryan from power if he gives even one inch!


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily