Fellow Conservative,

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable!

Hillary Clinton gave a backroom interview with the Quad-City Times (an Iowa paper) and when asked if she had any regrets over her email scandal, she said her only regret was getting caught.

She is truly a horrible person. I’m trying really hard to police my language on this, but she is a criminal.

And the Obama administration is making one final push to ensure that Hillary Clinton wins the White House. The State Department has notified that it will not be releasing the final batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails until after the first four primaries/caucuses are over.

The Department of State informed the court that they will be releasing the remainder of Hillary’s emails on February 29th, which is the eve of Super Tuesday. They don’t want the country to see what Hillary’s been hiding!

Don’t let Obama cover-up Hillary Clinton’s crimes! Demand that Congress force the full release of Hillary’s emails!

This is truly treacherous. Remember when Obama promised the “most transparent administration in history?” What a crock…

This is a deliberate attempt to keep Hillary’s campaign afloat. And do you want to hear the funniest part?

The State Department is blaming the one-month delay on this past weekend’s snowstorm. Only in Obama’s America could 2-3 days of lost productivity translate to a month delay…

It’s obvious what Obama is trying to do. And it’s despicable.

After reading through the State Department’s announcement, it is clear that it is not a request. They are merely notifying the court that the files will be late. What they’re doing is illegal.

You never know what could be in an email. One word – one mention of a Top Secret program or meeting – could spell the end for Hillary’s campaign and ensure prosecution.

If we do nothing, then Hillary Clinton sails through. But if we can rally right now and force Congress intervene and force the State Department to release the documents, then we can put a stop to Hillary’s campaign once and for all.

No more games! Don’t let Obama cover up for Hillary’s crimes anymore! Click to force Congress to intervene now!

Don’t let Hillary and Obama get away with this!

-Joe Otto

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