Fellow Conservative,

We have watched this President seize more and more power for ever since he took office. When Congress won’t give him what he wants, he simply takes it, and Congress has been far too willing to just roll over.

Take the Iran deal, for example. Instead of putting the agreement through Congress as a treaty, which the Constitution requires, the President is pushing it through as an executive agreement. And Congress is allowing it. That gives him the power to veto Congress’ decision so even when 50%+ of Congress votes against the "treaty," Obama will still probably get what he wants.

Then, there’s what the President did last week. He took the Alaskan Mt. McKinley and renamed it Denali. At face value, this doesn’t really seem like a big deal (though Ohio legislators are livid). Alaskans have been calling the mountain Denali for years. But this doesn’t change the fact that Mt. McKinley was named through an Act of Congress. What Obama did, while not relatively important, was completely unconstitutional. The President can't override an Act of Congress decades after it was signed into law. Only Congress can change the name.

Now, there is the UN Arms Trade Treaty; a treaty which would allow the United Nations to monitor and police gun purchases here in the United States. It is against Federal law for the US government to create gun registries so Obama is outsourcing that job to the United Nations.

Over the years, Congress watched as President Obama took more and more power. Republican Congressmen and Senators make great speeches detailing how they want to stop Obama’s overreach, but then they do nothing. That ends today!

Don’t let Obama surrender our 2nd Amendment rights to the UN! Demand that Congress put a stop to this lawless President once and for all!

As you likely know by now, Obama administration officials just got back from Cancun, Mexico. In addition to taking in the sights and getting a tan, these traitors participated in a UN Arms Treaty Conference and effectively gave away our sovereignty.

The conference had two goals: First, they had to figure out where the treaty’s offices would be (they chose Geneva). Then, they dealt with the issue of veto power.

The conference ultimately decided that no country would have the right to veto a majority decision. That means that if the majority of countries on earth want to stop weapons from coming into or leaving the United States, we would be powerless to stop them.

The Obama administration officials in attendance were all too willing to sign over the United States’ sovereignty…

The United States hasn’t even ratified it. Congress refused to ratify the treaty so Obama had John Kerry sign it anyway. While defiant, we never expected that the President would actually go around Congress and implement the treaty on his own.

But that is exactly what is happening. The conference was supposed to be for countries that had ratified the treaty. Obama sent representatives anyway and had them fully participate and vote.

Don’t you see what is happening? Congress gives an inch and this President takes a mile. No one stopped John Kerry from signing the UN Arms Treaty so now they’re seeing how much they can get away with.

We need to put a stop to this. We need to hold Congress’ feet to the fire and demand that they defend their legislative authority.

This isn’t front page news. You won't see this on the cable news channels but that doesn’t make this any less important. That doesn’t make this any less catastrophic. The Obama administration is handing over our sovereignty and sabotaging the Second Amendment behind closed doors. 

Thomas Jefferson famously said that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. That is where we are at right now.

It is your duty as an American to stand up to this unconstitutional President and click to DEMAND that Congress put a stop to it!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily