Fellow Conservative,

Well, it just happened. Barack Hussein Obama just dared you to impeach him.

For the whole week, Congress has been threatening President Obama and telling him not to even consider surrendering US sovereignty at this week's UN Climate Change Conference.

The President has repeatedly promised that he would not allow Congress to vote on the new climate treaty. He is just going to sign it himself.

Well, as you're reading this, Barack Obama is on his way to Paris. He has defied Congress. But not only that, he has also brought along a blank check to finance the UN's entire climate agenda! Tomorrow, he will go against the will of the American people and write a $3 billion check to the conference. This is your money he's giving away!

It's not to late! Demand that Congress cut off Obama's money and stop him from unconstitutionally signing this horrible climate treaty!

We all believe in clean air and water. But the laws that govern the United States must be voted on by Congress. 

The President knows he doesn't have the votes in Congress to legally and constitutionally enact his climate agenda. So, he is going around Congress to the United Nations.

The Constitution says that any international treaty must receive a 2/3 ratification vote in the Senate. Barack Obama has openly said that is not going to happen.

He has figured out the perfect way to circumvent Congress: with his checkbook.

When Congress voted against the UN Arms Treaty a little over a year ago, Obama signed it anyway and pledged his financial support to the UN gun control agenda. Even though the treaty was never ratified, White House officials are actively helping to implement it.

He has similar plans for this global warming summit. 

If you do nothing, then tomorrow he will hand over a $3 billion check to the UN and get everything he wants: an international climate treaty without needing Congressional approval.

You’re not known for doing nothing, are you? No, you’re known for taking stands!

There’s still time! Force Congress to defund Obama’s radical climate change agenda!

It’s really simple. We have an opportunity to put a stop to this right now.

Imagine if Obama had to leave the conference with his tail between his legs because his check bounced.

Congress didn’t approve this expenditure and they certainly haven’t ratified the treaty. What Obama is doing is unacceptable and unconstitutional!

It’s not over! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they cut the funding for Obama’s unconstitutional plot!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily