Fellow Conservative,

Last year, we saw something that doesn’t happen very often… A Federal department approved states like Kansas, Georgia, and Arizona forcing people who are registering to vote to prove their citizenship. This was only after a 5-4 Supreme Court decision and Scalia opinion forced them to approve the laws.

The Obama administration has made it its mission to make sure that practically anyone can vote. They oppose any attempts by states to force voters to identify themselves. They want to protect the rights of illegal aliens, criminals, and out-of-state residents to vote in elections unchecked. And they are joining a new lawsuit to prove it.

So, states are reasserting their authority. Under Article 1, Section 2 and the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, states have the authority to set the “qualification requisite for electors.” The government can fight voter-ID laws all they want, but they have no right to stop states from checking the citizenship status of people registering to vote.

This comes on the heels of some truly shady electioneering in the Nevada Democratic caucuses. Poll workers let crowds of Hillary Clinton voters start caucusing without registering and checking in first. And in order to stop Donald Trump’s rise, Democratic operatives are gathering their supporters to register as Republicans in order to vote against him.

All of this is happening while Obama is trying to scale back voter protection laws… It’s not a coincidence.

Obama wants to lower requirements to allow non-citizens to vote! Force Congress to put a stop to the Obama DOJ's new lawsuit before it reaches the liberal Supreme Court!

The state of Arizona tried to make sure that only American citizens were registering to vote and every major liberal activist group immediately filed a lawsuit. The case ultimately went up to the Supreme Court and Justice Scalia was the one who wrote the majority opinion allowing for Arizona and other states to keep their citizen requirements under certain circumstances.

Now that Scalia has passed away, we cannot afford to let this case return to the Supreme Court. That is what Loretta Lynch and the left are pushing for.

The citizenship requirement was saved by a 5-4 vote last year. If they can get the case back before the Supreme Court, they can get it overturned.

Justice Scalia’s passing is about more than you think. Yes, we are going to have to fight like hell to make sure he isn’t replaced with a liberal. But we are also going to have to fight to make sure that a lot of these cases are nipped in the bud before the Left is able to bring them before the Court.

We can’t afford to get caught sleeping. If we get caught sleeping, and the left succeeds in getting these cases brought before the court, we could literally see laws overturned to stop illegal aliens from registering to vote.

That is what the Obama administration is fighting for. They say it is discrimination to force someone to prove they’re citizens when registering to vote. The only reason you would ever want to lift that requirement is if you want non-citizens to vote.

Considering that Hillary Clinton used bussed in homeless people to caucus for her in Nevada, it’s clear why the Obama administration is rushing to get these rules nullified before the November election!

Don’t let them steal this election!

Only citizens should be allowed to vote! Force Congress to uphold this common sense law and stop Obama's DOJ from opening the door for voter fraud!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily