Fellow Conservative,

When it rains, it pours. Congress is about to give Barack Obama the power to “fast-track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty.

We have no idea what is in the trade agreement. Other than what has been leaked, they refuse to make it public. Once again, instead of following the Constitution and allowing the people’s representatives to vet the agreement, Congress is about to cede it’s authority and allow Obama to move on his own.

The problem? We have absolutely no idea what is in the trade agreement and Obama could put whatever he wants in it.

Gun rights groups are raising the alarm that this secretive trade agreement could be used as a vessel to push through the UN Arms Trade Treaty. This is a real threat.

And that’s certainly cause for concern. Because when Congress gives this fast-track authority to the President, they give up their ability to review or edit the agreement!

Don’t let Congress spit on the Constitution! Tell them to vote NO on giving Obama more power to write treaties on his own!

There’s a reason that supporters of the TPP don’t want the details to be made public.

The GOP has come out in full support of Obama’s trade plan. They say that trade is important to this country, which is true. But they won’t make the agreement public.

They’re talking out of both sides of their mouths. They’re promising that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be good for America while simultaneously refusing to show the American people what is in the deal.

The truth is, the deal isn’t finalized. Yet, they are prepared to give up their power and allow Barack H. Obama to fast-track the treaty on his own.

That gives him full power to negotiate with other countries and add whatever he wants to it. If he wanted to add gun control measures similar to the UN Arms Trade Treaty, he could and Congress would be powerless to stop him.

Is this what you elected your Representatives and Senators to do? Just to be a fly on the wall while this out-of-control Presidents writes the laws and treaties on his own?

For all we know, the Trans-Pacific Partnership could be good for the country. The leaked portions suggest otherwise, however. But the point is that if Congress is too afraid to make the provisions public, then it can’t be allowed to move forward. Period.

Giving Obama unprecedented power to write whatever he wants into the treaty is unacceptable. Congress serves as the number one block to Obama’s lawlessness and now they want to give him the power to act unilaterally.

Right now, the GOP isn’t working in your best interest. They are working in the interests of their donors and contributors. The Trans-Pacific Partnership might be good for business, but it is bad for America and Obama cannot be trusted to negotiate and write it on his own.

This CANNOT be allowed to happen!

Tell Congress to STOP surrendering to the President and make the Trans-Pacific Partnership open to the public!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily