Fellow Conservative,

Yesterday, the State Department released the largest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails to date.

Once again, we ask the question: Why isn’t Hillary Clinton in prison yet?

We pored over the thousands of emails well into the night and found one that absolutely has to be the smoking gun.

While using her private unsecured email, Hillary Clinton received a classified memo of Muammar Qaddafi’s location. Here we have an intelligence memo detailing the location of a Libyan dictator on the run and Hillary didn’t even bother to secure it.


Then there’s this email that was just released. Hillary Clinton left work for the day and realized that she left a binder of classified briefings on her desk. She emailed one of her co-workers and asked for her to put the classified documents in the safe overnight.


But the biggest news from yesterday’s email release is that the Obama administration is blocking the release of dozens of emails between the President and Mrs. Clinton. These are personal emails between the two of them and Obama is using executive privilege to stop you from seeing them!

This is unacceptable! Tell Congress to STOP Obama from illegally classifying Hillary Clinton’s emails and keeping them secret!

While the State Department was collecting Hillary’s emails for release, they found many emails between her and the White House.

The Obama administration promptly used executive privilege to keep the emails classified.

Many of these emails will undoubtedly focus on the administration’s response to the Benghazi attacks. But if Obama gets his way, we won’t know what the two said to each other until decades from now.

Talk about a cover-up…

Unfortunately for Obama, executive privilege cannot be used to cover up for a crime. With Hillary Clintons wanton disregard for security, the President has no right to classify these documents.

Just like Nixon who tried to use executive privilege to cover-up the fact that his operatives broke into the Watergate Hotel, Obama is doing the same to shield Hillary from the FBI’s investigation.

If the contents of these emails are too sensitive for the public to read until decades from now, then it was a FELONY for Hillary to store these emails on her unsecure private server. Period.

The whole scandal is collapsing around them. Executive privilege is a last ditch effort to stop these felonious emails from becoming public.

It is up to you to stop this. The President cannot be allowed to cover-up for Hillary and the only way we can stop this is if you raise your voice right now and DEMAND that Congress release these emails!

The facts are clear.

Hillary Clinton sent and received sensitive and classified emails on her unsecure private email server. She failed to secure these documents.

And now there are Top Secret communications between her and the President and now the White House wants to block their release.


They can’t have it both ways. They can’t say that Hillary never sent/received classified info and then classify communications between her and the President!

Don’t let them get away with it! Force Congress to seize these emails and go after Hillary for her crimes!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily