Dear Conservative,


The Department of Justice has announced that it will end “Operation Streamline,” a successful program that prosecutes illegal aliens!


Operation Streamline is a Department of Justice program aimed at prosecuting illegal aliens caught for the first time. The program is hugely successful. Or at least, it was until the Obama administration got involved in selectively enforcing our immigration laws…


In 2005, Operation Streamline led to the apprehension and prosecution of 140,000 illegal aliens in Yuma County, Arizona. That is just in ONE YEAR and in ONE COUNTY!


Last year, however, only 6,000 illegal aliens were apprehended and prosecuted in that county under the program. This is from a combination of the program working to dissuade illegal border crossings and the Obama administration’s refusal to prosecute captured illegals.


But even that is too many prosecutions for Obama’s DOJ, which has announced that it is ending the program all together! The Department of Justice is ending this program because it is too successful. Not only that, but the DOJ is going to stop local law enforcement from prosecuting these illegals as well.


“I have been informed that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona will no longer be prosecuting first time undocumented aliens (UDAs),” explains one local Sheriff...


Obama may have announced that he is waiting until after the midterms to sign an amnesty executive order, but apparently the rest of his administration didn’t get that memo!


Amnesty is here, it is happening now, and it must be stopped!


Obama’s DOJ is no longer prosecuting illegal aliens! Demand that Congress FORCE the Obama administration to enforce our immigration laws!


Operation Streamline was designed to prosecute first-time illegal aliens. These are people who illegally entered the United States and were caught by law enforcement for the first time.


The Obama administration isn’t interested in prosecuting and deporting these illegals. The Department of Justice claims to be focusing on just those illegal aliens caught committing other crimes, but that is a complete lie!


Barack Obama and Eric Holder aren’t interested in prosecuting illegal aliens because they plan to one day make them citizens! And saying that they will only prosecute illegal alien criminals is ridiculous considering the fact that the administration released 36,000 illegal alien convicted criminals from prison last year…


An illegal alien convicted MURDERER was released from prison once every 50 HOURS last year thanks to the Obama administration! That’s a fact!


So the Obama administration refuses to prosecute first-time illegal aliens… and they are releasing tens of thousands of illegal alien criminals from prison…


The question is, what immigration laws are being enforced? None, at least not concerning Hispanic illegal aliens…


This has to stop! The administration is quietly suspending programs designed to enforce our immigration laws to allow illegals to live in this country indefinitely.


They expect you to just accept it… They expect you to just sit back and watch as the Obama administration gives up enforcing our immigration laws…


The Obama administration is giving up on arresting and prosecuting illegal aliens. They prefer to focus on illegal aliens who commit crimes.


The only problem with that logic is that every illegal alien is a criminal because illegally crossing the U.S. Border is a crime!


This is happening RIGHT NOW and unless we stop it, there will be no way for us to turn back the clocks and fix it!


Obama’s DOJ is no longer prosecuting illegal aliens! Demand that Congress FORCE the Obama administration to enforce our immigration laws!


This couldn’t get any more serious!


You need to raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress force this administration to enforce our laws!


Right now, illegal aliens are just walking right across the border, unimpeded. And now, the Department of Justice announced that it’s no longer going to prosecute first-time illegal aliens!


This is ridiculous! This is criminal! And We the People must stop this treason!


This is unacceptable! You need to demand that Congress FORCE the Obama administration to enforce our immigration laws!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily