Fellow Conservative,

This is huge development in the Hillary Clinton email case.

The Department of Justice has offered Bryan Pagliano, the tech employee who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server, immunity if he tells the truth and, presumably, turns on his co-workers.

Previously, Pagliano had pled the fifth when offered a similar immunity deal by Congressional investigators. His refusal to answer questions was the only reason he was alive.

People who go against the Clintons tend to wind up with ‘unfortunate accidents.’

There is no doubt that the FBI is doing their job. They are investigating Hillary’s crimes and will most likely refer her to the DOJ for indictment. There is no chance that Loretta Lynch pursues charges. She might go after Hillary’s aides, but there is no way a sitting Attorney General in a Democrat administration would ever indict the presumptive Democratic Presidential frontrunner.

First, Hillary claimed that there were no classified emails. LIE. 2,000 of her emails were classified.

Then, she claimed that nothing was classified at the time. LIE and irrelevant because she signed SF-312 paperwork acknowledging that information can be classified without being officially marked.

Then she claimed that the FBI was not investigating her. LIE.

Finally, Hillary claimed that the FBI investigation was not criminal in nature. Now also confirmed to be a LIE.

And now Loretta Lynch promises a fair and impartial handling of whatever the FBI hands her? Also a LIE!

The FBI just confirmed that this is a criminal investigation! Force Congress to inject an Independent Prosecutor before Loretta Lynch derails the investigation!

The fact that the FBI got the DOJ to give the server technician immunity should tell you all you need to know. You only give immunity if you believe a crime has been committed.

Pressure is mounting for Lynch to step aside and allow a independent prosecutor to handle the case. So far, she has resisted this. She knows that the Republicans won’t confirm her Supreme Court nomination so her best chance of getting onto the Supreme Court is for Hillary to win.

So she’s going to block the investigation whenever she can.

Loretta Lynch is partially correct. She has the authority to appoint a Special Prosecutor herself. But so does Congress.

Hillary Clinton had 2000 pages of classified emails. They included discussions on security at nuclear weapons facilities and even a classified exchange into the whereabouts of Ambassador Chris Stevens’ body in Benghazi.

Mrs. Clinton might say “what difference does it make,” but as far as we’re concerned, a crime is a crime. If Loretta Lynch won’t prosecute, and she certainly can’t be trusted to, then Congress must act NOW!

The FBI confirmed Hillary’s worst fears: they are investigating her criminally! Don’t let Obama and Lynch derail the investigation. Demand a Special Prosecutor now!

Time is literally of the essence. Hillary Clinton currently has 1/3 of the necessary delegates to win the Democratic nomination. The longer we wait to bring charges against Hillary, the closer she gets to locking up the nomination.

There are strong forces at work here trying to make sure that Hillary never sees the inside of a prison cell.

But there is no power greater than the power of We the People. Nothing is more powerful!

No delay! Now that the FBI has confirmed its criminal investigation, FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they replace Loretta Lynch with an independent, special prosecutor!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily