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Earlier this summer, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) introduced a resolution to remove John Boehner from power. The bill came as a complete surprise to many. As you might remember, Meadows was the one that Boehner tried to remove from committee assignments after he voted against Obamatrade. This is how Boehner operates. If you oppose him, you lose your committee assignments.

When Boehner heard that there was a coup brewing against him, he instructed his whip team to hold a vote on the resolution. He was so confident that he would win and he saw this as a chance to stomp out the coup once and for all.

When the whip team returned, they had bad news. If a vote on Meadows’ resolution were held, Boehner would lose.

Do you understand what that means? We have more than enough votes to remove this crybaby and backstabber from power!

The problem is that Boehner and his allies still control which bills make it to the House floor. They’re blocking this legislation from receiving a vote.

But it’s not over. Meadows still has one parliamentary maneuver up his sleeve to force a vote. But he can’t do it without you!

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When asked if he was willing to go it alone, Meadows responded, “I for one — if it’s just me and me alone — I am willing to stand up and say this is what the people back home want, this is what they’re asking for, even if it makes it difficult on me in Washington, D.C.”

Could you imagine what this country was like if every politician thought like this? Can you imagine how many problems we’d fix if every Congressman and Senator truly put the needs of his or her constituency first?

It really is that simple. Rep. Meadows went home, listened to his constituents, and this is what they told him to do. It won’t make him any friends in Washington, but it is what he has to do.

“It’s very easy to say you are willing to pay any cost,” Meadows explains, “it’s a very different thing to actually be willing to go through and lay it all on the line.”

The votes are all there. All we need now is to force a vote.

The last time Meadows filed the resolution, he labeled it as ‘unprivileged.’ I don’t want to bore you with House of Representatives procedures, but unprivileged bills need to go through the proper committee process before heading to the floor. That gives Boehner’s allies plenty of time to derail it.

But Meadows has said that he plans to re-file the legislation as ‘privileged,’ meaning that Congress would have to hold a vote within a few days.

Then Boehner would have two options: either lose the vote and vacate the Speaker’s office or rely on help from Democrats to save his job. Both are, ultimately, death sentences.

Here’s the thing. Mark Meadows can’t do this alone. As much as he says he can, we all know that he can’t. He needs help from the American people and from his colleagues in Congress.

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We are so close. Let’s bring this across the finish line and help move Boehner into a much smaller office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily