We have known for weeks that Obama spied on Donald Trump during the campaign and transition period. We hypothesized a few possibilities – that Obama used the FISA courts or got help from a foreign ally.

We got an absolute bombshell yesterday. House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) made the announcement that he has discovered evidence of significant surveillance and monitoring of the Donald Trump campaign/transition.

We know that the Obama administration sought a warrant to put surveillance on Trump and were denied. In the past 30 years of petitions before the FISA court, the Trump wiretap request was just the 13th denial ever.

Now, Rep. Nunes is blowing the whistle that the Obama administration circumvented this FISA judge’s refusal by simply listening in whenever Trump contacted foreign leaders.

The Obama administration was recording Trump’s communications and we’ve already seen government employees use these recordings in order to get Trump staffers fired. This is criminal.

Obama spied on Trump. Send your urgent message to Congress and demand that they go after him for this crime!

The Left is calling it “incidental collection.” That’s nonsense. Let me explain why...

Without a warrant, it would be against the law for the Obama administration to spy on Donald Trump. If you go back and listen to all the responses when Pres. Trump first made these "wiretap" allegations, you'll see that all the denials were in terms of warranted surveillance. However, it is perfectly legal for the Intelligence Community to spy on foreigners who are talking to Donald Trump.

That means that while the FBI can’t legally listen in when Donald Trump calls his sons or daughter, they can listen in when he is talking to world leaders.

We know this has been happening because the contents of President Trump’s conversations with the Mexican and Australian leaders were leaked to the press. That could only be done by people listening in on the calls.

Here is the most important part. The Democrats are calling this “incidental surveillance.” They are painting it as Donald Trump’s calls and emails just getting swept up in other investigations.

When Americans are “incidentally” wiretapped, their identities are supposed to be kept confidential. Intelligence agents are required to stop what they’re doing and “mask” the identities of anyone on the call who is not the subject of the warrant. But the Intelligence Community can’t simply redact Donald Trump’s name. First of all, Trump’s accent and cadence can be recognized by anyone on earth. That would be like trying to mask Obama’s Chicago accent or George W Bush’s drawl.

These allegedly recorded conversations were with world leaders after the election. Agents can redact the American names all they want, but everyone is going to know who is on the line with the Prime Minister of Pakistan or the Chinese Minister. Here’s a potential example:

Pakistani PM: Congratulations, [redacted], on your come from behind victory during the [redacted] election against [redacted]. I cannot wait to travel to [redacted] and meet with you and [redacted] so we can get to work making the US-Pakistani relationship great again.

It's just nonsense to think that a conversation like that can be masked to keep Trump's identity a secret.

The Obama administration spied on Donald Trump and Obama’s loyalists are using the intel to try to destroy Trump’s Presidency.

Lock them all up. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they subpoena and prosecute every Obama holdover responsible for this illegal surveillance.

We know that Donald Trump and his team were surveilled by the Obama administration. We know that just days before leaving office, President Obama signed an executive order allowing intelligence agencies to freely share intel with each other. We know that these Trump surveillance tapes were spread across the entire government and we know that in at least one instance, the identities of Trump staffers were illegally “unmasked” and the transcript of a recorded call was leaked to the Washington Post.

And based on what Rep. Nunes released yesterday, we know that intel agents delivered the wiretapped materials to the White House.

There is no such thing as “incidentally” spying on the President-Elect. A Democrat President doesn’t just happen to record the Republican incoming-President’s phone calls.

Now, Congressional Democrats are racing to kick Nunes off the Intel Committee. Yes, they want him off the committee so he can't continue this investigation.

Someone in the Obama administration is going to go to prison over this. It’s just a question of who...

The Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. Send your FaxBlast to all of Congress and FORCE them to expand the investigation and lock them up!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily