Dear Conservative,

We all know that Lois Lerner is guilty. The former head of the IRS Tax Exempt division is responsible for the tax agency’s illegal targeting of Conservative non-profit groups.

By bogging these organizations down in unnecessary paperwork and delaying their applications, Ms. Lerner was able to ensure that many Conservative organizations could not obtain a tax-exempt status before the 2012 election.

Without those tax breaks, these conservative groups had their hands tied.

We all know how the election ended: President Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected for a second term.

But, according to newly released emails, Ms. Lerner had lofty goals for herself after the election… She wanted to work for Obama’s political action committee when she retired.

For some reason, the supposedly “neutral” IRS bureaucrats found themselves talking about the Conservative “crazies” who listen to talk radio. I didn’t know that was part of the job description for IRS employees…

Yes, Lois Lerner called Conservatives crazy. But when discussing the number of people who listen to Conservative talk radio, Ms. Lerner responded, “Great. Maybe we are through if there are that many assholes.”

I apologize for the language, but it is important for you to know what Ms. Lerner thinks about you. For the first time, we see a clear glimpse into Lois Lerner’s psyche. She did what she did because she wanted to advance her own career. Sure, the emails show she had dreams of working for Obama’s Organizing for America group. What corrupt bureaucrat wouldn’t?

But these newly released emails also show the pure contempt that Lois Lerner had for Conservatives.

We know that there are more of these emails out there. Or at least, there were more of these emails until the IRS unnecessarily erased and destroyed Lois Lerner’s hard drive! There is a concerted effort within the Obama administration to cover up Lois Lerner’s involvement in the targeting program. If Congress doesn’t arrest Lois Lerner and force her to testify, the American people will never get the truth!

Enough is enough! Tell Congress to have the House Sergeant-at-Arms ARREST Lois Lerner and force her to testify!

IRS technicians have gone on record and testified that Lois Lerner’s computer hard drives were simply scratched. While it may have been difficult to recover the data, they told their IRS higher-ups that they should send the hard drives to outside experts for processing.

Up until now, the IRS had claimed that the agency did everything it could to recover Lois Lerner’s emails. Now, that entire narrative has been proven to be a lie! The tech experts within the IRS all suggested that the hard drives be sent out for processing because the data was definitely recoverable.

Now we know that the IRS ignored these recommendations and not only erased the hard drives but also physically recycled them. The IRS sent the hard drives to a furnace to make sure the data was gone for good!

So let’s get this straight…

The IRS was notified that Congress was investigating Lois Lerner and the agency’s targeting of Conservative groups. The law requires that all relevant documents and hard drives be preserved. When Lois Lerner’s hard drives were discovered to be scratched, the experts told their higher-ups that the data was still recoverable. However, instead of following those recommendations, the IRS destroyed Lois Lerner’s hard drives and all the evidence of the targeting program!

This is absolutely criminal!

Eric Holder has refused to prosecute Lois Lerner. Liberals always want to defend the Attorney General, explaining that he has “prosecutorial discretion” thanks to a regulation stretching all the way back to the Reagan administration. But what Liberals conveniently leave out is the fact that Eric Holder’s Justice Department was complicit in the targeting!

Barack Obama continues to assert that there isn’t even a smidgen of corruption in the IRS. Eric Holder agrees and has refused to prosecute Lois Lerner.

That means it is up to us to get the justice that the American people deserve!

Lois Lerner has already been held in Contempt of Congress. That is a criminal offense. In 1821, the Supreme Court ruled in Anderson v. Dunn that Congress has a Constitutional and legal power to imprison individuals who are held in contempt. 

The executive branch has proven itself to be too corrupt to pursue justice. That means it is up to Congress to arrest Lois Lerner for her crimes and force her to testify under oath!

But the only way that will happen is if We the People continue to pressure our representatives to do what is right!

If we remain silent, our Representatives and Senators will consider our silence to be a show of support. We need to make sure they know that the only way to gain our support is to arrest Lois Lerner IMMEDIATELY!

Enough is enough! Tell Congress to have the House Sergeant-at-Arms ARREST Lois Lerner and force her to testify!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily