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Mark Levin is absolutely correct. The evidence of spying on the Donald Trump campaign is overwhelming. We know that the FBI, CIA, and other agencies were involved in the Obama administration’s surveillance of the Trump campaign. With what we just learned from Wikileaks, this became even more troubling…

For months, the media has reported the details. The Obama administration tried to get multiple warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to monitor Trump campaign officials. I want to be clear. When the government goes to the FISA courts, they’re asking for a “wiretap.” They’re asking for permission to intercept communications.

Multiple reports detail that the Obama administration tried to get a warrant to monitor Donald Trump, but were turned down by the FISA court for their request being too vague. They were approved three months later when they narrowed the scope.

I want to put this in perspective. In three decades, the FISA courts have heard more than 35,000 surveillance requests. The government’s requests for surveillance have only been denied a total of 13 times. 

Think about that… This is a court that approves 99.96% of government requests for wiretaps. One of the 13 denials in the court’s history came when the Obama administration asked for permission to spy on Donald Trump.

The Obama administration spied on Trump and his campaign. Period.

The only question now is which Obama administration official(s) will go to prison…

Don’t let Democrats cover for Obama’s illegal spying on the Trump campaign! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to investigate this new scandal!

We know that the Obama administration received approval in October to put surveillance on elements of the Trump campaign. We also know that a previous request was denied by the FISA court in June.

We know that at least one campaign aide – Michael Flynn – had conversations recorded and then disseminated to the Washington Post.

We know that information gleaned from “wiretaps” has been used to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia and that this evidence was presented to President Obama himself.

These are all from liberal news outlets. Yet those same outlets are now in full retreat, arguing that there was never evidence for any of this.

The Obama administration spied on the Trump administration. That is a fact.

The only thing left to be seen is the extent of the spying.

Yesterday, we learned from Wikileaks that the CIA has the ability to hack into cellphones and even smart-TVs to hijack the microphones to spy on people. The leaked documents also show that the CIA has the ability to hack someone and make it look like the Russians did it. Interesting timing…

Imagine if elements of the intelligence establishment used these types of techniques to target the Trump campaign. We know that the CIA was involved in the “investigation” into the Trump campaign, based on reporting from McClatchy.

This is bigger than Watergate. Someone’s going to prison…

Obama spied on a Presidential candidate. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they get to the bottom of this and charge every Obama official responsible!

Here’s the thing. President Trump can’t touch the investigation. If he did, no one would believe the findings. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already recused himself.

So, we have two options: We either let an Obama-holdover investigate the case or we force Congress to get to the bottom of this!

Democrats are already circling the wagons and promising to derail any investigation into the former-Obama administration.

It is up to YOU and I to make sure the truth in all of this comes out!

No more cover-ups! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they investigate and prosecute any Obama official involved in spying on the Trump campaign!


Joe Otto

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