Fellow Conservative,

President Trump has released his revised refugee travel ban. This time, the executive order is designed to hopefully withstand liberal court challenges.

So far, there are two new cases against the order. Hawaii has stepped up and declared that the Middle Eastern refugee ban is negatively affecting their tourism industry, even though they only accepted 5 refugees in 2015 and none of them were from the affected countries.

Washington State has teamed up with other states’ liberal Attorneys General to ask the 9th Circuit to apply the existing injunction against this new executive order. Their preliminary motion was denied, but only because the liberal judge needed time to review the new executive order.

We are not out of the woods yet.

The ban is set to go into effect in just 3 days.

In 3-days time, we will have successfully dismantled Barack Obama’s unvetted refugee programs.

With your help, we have been fighting for this for years. Ever since Barack Obama announced that he was increasing the Syrian refugee quota, you stood by our side and fought back.

Now, victory is within our grasp but the Left is going all-out to block the order from going into effect.

The Left is trying to block Pres. Trump’s refugee ban executive order. Rise up and send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to intervene and protect it!

In Germany, there were multiple attacks this week, including one where an ax-wielder injured 7 people. In the Netherlands, migrants rioted last night and stormed the Turkish Embassy to tear down the Dutch Flag.

In Sweden, a suspected car bomb was detonated and within 24 hours, another bomb blast – suspected to come from a hand grenade – went off in the city of Gothenburg.

This is the reality of open-border refugee admissions. This is what happens if Obama’s policies of letting anyone into the country, no-questions-asked, is allowed to continue.

Did you know that there is currently no screening for radical Islamic beliefs? Syrian refugees are forced to swear under oath that they didn’t serve in the German military during World War II, but the US State Department doesn't even screen for radical beliefs…

This is why President Trump’s pause is necessary.

More and more states and organizations are filing lawsuits to try to block the new refugee ban. They don’t care about the national security risk. The Left is always willing to sacrifice innocent lives at the altar of political correctness.

When activist judges blocked the first order, thousands of refugees from the Middle East began streaming into the country. The judge forced Trump to reinstate Obama’s policies, meaning that we know practically nothing about these new refugees.

We cannot afford to let the Liberals block this executive order again!

Put an end to Obama’s refugee program! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress step in and defend Pres. Trump’s new refugee executive order!

The Left isn't going down without a fight. They know that they can't rely on the RINOs to all denounce President Trump, but they are pushing to get spinless Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to sit on their hands and do nothing to protect the executive order.

These were the cowards who stood against the President the last time.

Don't let them tie Congress' hands once again!

You must rise up and end Obama's unvetted refugee program! Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand they do everything they can to defend Pres. Trump's refugee executive order!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily