We have sat through the left's witch hunt for long enough. After more than a year of investigating Trump and his campaign, they haven't found one thing that was enough to charge anyone with a crime.

Yet, a new report released this week shows that the FBI and DOJ discovered evidence that Russia colluded with the Clintons and instead of acting on it, they tried to bury it.

The Clintons accepted millions of dollars to their "foundation" from the Russians and, in return, Hillary Clinton approved the sale of 20% of America's Uranium to a Russian-controlled company. For the past year and a half, this was known as the "Clinton Cash" scandal. Now we know it was 100% real.

The FBI discovered this bribery and guess who was in charge of the Bureau during the five-year investigation: Robert Mueller and then James Comey.

They swept it under the rug. Not only that, but the Obama White House actually threatened the informant to keep them quiet.

President Trump is not backing down on this, instead choosing to release a blistering statement: "Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn't want to follow!"

He continued by accusing the Democrats of colluding with the FBI to sweep these real crimes under the rug so they can instead make up evidence about him.

Senator Chuck Grassley, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is scheduled a hearing on this major scandal. But, he is being blocked from issuing any subpoenas. His colleagues on both sides of the aisle will not give him the authority to drag these Obama-era criminals into the Senate to answer for this cover-up!

President Trump needs your help to bring these criminals to justice! Please, send a FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to dive head first and investigate this massive Uranium One cover-up!

The informant in this case spent five years helping to build the case that Russia was trying to gain control of the United States' strategic Uranium deposits. In 2015, charges were brought against a handful of low-level players involved in the scheme. However, as soon as the investigation reached the Clintons, it was shut down.

Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI at the time. Rod Rosenstein, the #2 man in the Justice Department, also oversaw the "investigation," as did Clinton-ally Andrew McCabe, who is currently the Deputy Director of the FBI. And to top it all off, James Comey's fingerprints are all over the cover-up as well.

They are all compromised. Instead of going after the Clintons, all four of these men are in the middle of a witch hunt trying to find a crime to charge Donald Trump with. They had evidence against the Clintons hand delivered to them by a confidential informant and they still ended their investigations.

Does anyone really think that these people will now investigate themselves?

Of course not. These people spent five years trying to cover up the Clintons' collusion with Russia. There is no way they would ever investigate their own criminal actions.

That is why President Trump needs your help!

The only way to put all of these Obama criminals behind bars is through a Congressional investigation. Not a made-for-tv hearing... A real Congressional investigation.

As I mentioned, Senator Grassley is trying to move this forward. But without broader support, he cannot even subpoena these people to force them to testify.

We need to go after this with everything we've got. This is the one thread that connects the Clintons, Robert Mueller, corrupt FBI agents, James Comey, and yes, even the Obama White House.

This is a chance not to just go after one of them, but to go after all of them!

Keep fighting! Tell Congress right now that it is up to them to unravel this massive cover-up and bring all of these Obama criminals and corrupt officials to justice!

This is the reason that in recent weeks, Deep State employees in the Department of Justice were caught drafting plea deals for the Clintons to help them avoid jail time. Yes, that is what they were caught doing.

This scandal has the power to take all of them down.

Not just Mueller... not just Comey... not just Rosenstein or McCabe... not even just the Clintons... but also Obama himself.

Every leak we've seen from the Obama holdovers and every attempt to redirect towards Trump has been an attempt to hide this massive, criminal cover up.

But now it is in the light. Now we know just how far these corrupt government officials went to try to protect Obama and the Clintons.

The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is calling a hearing but he can't subpoena these criminals or force them to testify on his own.

He and the President literally need your help!

President Trump's own deputies are blocking an investigation into this cover-up! Quick, send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to launch a full investigation into these latest Clinton and Obama crimes!

Join the fight!