Dear Conservative,


A few days ago, news broke that the IRS had conveniently "lost" every email sent from Lois Lerner to Obama administration officials over a two year time period. 


The IRS claims that there was a massive computer crash that lost the data, however what the agency failed to mention was that they have plenty of fail safes in place to protect against just these types of crashes and that by law, all of Lois Lerner's emails had to be printed out and saved in a hard-copy form. In order for Lois Lerner's emails to truly have been lost, there would need to have been computer crashes on approximately SEVEN different servers, not to mention the computer systems she was corresponding with in other agencies and departments.


Next thing you know, the IRS will have a fire in the building that holds its paper records... You should be furious about this! We all should be furious about this!


Never before has an administration so brazenly destroyed documents during a federal investigation! This isn't about the intricacies of the tax code... This is a fight over your very freedom to speak your mind politically without government thugs coming after you!


And believe it or not, it gets even worse. Just this week, the IRS announced that it had also mysteriously and conveniently "lost" the emails for SIX other employees who are under investigation for the Conservative Targeting Program!


When a reporter asked Ms. Lerner about these convenient computer crashes, she replied that "sometimes stuff happens." That was really her answer!


This has to end and it has to end now! The Obama administration is literally shredding documents right in front of Congress and giving the "dog ate my homework" excuse. And what are y our Congressmen and Senators doing? They're feigning outrage! They can have as many press conferences as they want, but until they actually start defending YOU, this nonsense will continue to happen! 


Congress has two ways of dealing with this: 1) Hold the IRS Head in contempt for shredding documents or 2) cutting off funding to the IRS. The House must do BOTH!



This will work! Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, controls the purse and can decide how much money is allocated to each department and agency.


There is currently an introduced bill that would slash the IRS budget by 25% and put an end to all bonuses and overtime until all of the Lois Lerner evidence is turned over.


This is the only way to force the IRS to comply with the subpoena!


Listen, when it is revealed that the Obama White House was complicit in this "computer crash" -- which is likely to be the case -- I will be the first person to scream from the rooftops for impeachment!


But until that is proven, we must force Congress to stop the IRS from destroying evidence related to the IRS targeting scandal. We need to remember that this isn't just harmless emails that are being erased... This is evidence of crimes that have been committed!


Lois Lerner sent 10,000 confidential tax files to the DOJ and FEC for prosecution... THAT IS A CRIME!


Lois Lerner coordinated with Congressional Democrats to target their political opponents... THAT IS A CRIME!


Now we are supposed to just believe that the emails of EVERY IRS employee involved in this scandal have suddenly vanished? Do they really think we were born yesterday?


There are now reports circulating in Washington that the IRS might have even recycled Lois Lerner's hard drives after her retirement, meaning that the hard drives may have been manually and deliberately cleared and repurposed. That's like a police station using money in its evidence room to start paying salaries...


In March, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified that IRS employee emails had been stored on separate servers. Either he lied and PERJURED himself, or he defied a Congressional subpoena and did not secure/hand over the emails and documents!


This whole thing is so corrupt that it is difficult to put my anger into words. The only thing that is certain is that Congress isn't doing enough to put an end to this flagrant violation of the law and evidence tampering! 


The time has come for Members of Congress to either stand up against this tyrannical administration, or reveal themselves to be the cowards that they are!


When our country's future is at stake, there can be no middle ground. Either they are against this tyranny or they are complicit in it... PERIOD!





Joe Otto

Conservative Daily