Dear Conservative,

The IRS announced late on Friday that five more of its employees had experienced computer “crashes.”

To make it more interesting, all five staffers are also currently under investigation for helping Lois Lerner target Conservative non-profit groups!

We have heard this more than TWENTY times! That’s right, the IRS has informed Congress that more than 20 employees under investigation had their computers mysteriously “crash.”

I’m shocked. I really am… I’m not shocked that the IRS is using the same bogus excuse to cover for Obama administration bureaucrats. That was a given…

I am SHOCKED that Congress continues to allow the IRS, and other departments, to continually lie to the American people and hide administration officials from prosecution!

The Obama administration thinks that it can get away with it… they truly believe that if enough hard drives “crash,” then eventually we will just give up.

However, giving up is not an option. To give up now would mean legitimizing what the Obama administration has done. To give up now would mean that we accept living in a world where government bureaucrats are allowed to target the opposition and interfere with elections with impunity!

Tell Congress to arrest EVERYONE involved in the IRS scandal/cover-up and FORCE the appointment of a Special Prosecutor!

It really is this simple. Congress has already held Lois Lerner in Contempt for repeatedly lying to Congressional investigators. So far, Eric Holder has refused to prosecute her because he knows the investigation would prove the administration’s involvement in the scandal!

Right now, the investigation has stalled because Eric Holder’s Justice Department refuses to get involved at all, most likely due to the fact that the DOJ was actually complicit in the targeting efforts (true).

You need justice! The American people need justice!

We must force Congress to do these three things if we have any hope of getting to the bottom of this scandal!

  1. Congress MUST direct the Sergeant in Arms to arrest Lois Lerner and throw her in the Capitol Hill jail. The fact that she remains a free-woman is an abomination.

  2. Congress MUST hold IRS Commissioner John Koskinen accountable for his actions. While he wasn’t in charge of the IRS while Lois Lerner was targeting Conservatives, Mr. Koskinen has presided over the cover-up.

He told Congress that Lois Lerner’s hard drives were destroyed because the data wasn’t recoverable, which was a LIE according to IRS technicians. He told Congress that Lois Lerner’s email records were permanently destroyed, which was a LIE according to DOJ lawyers. The IRS Commissioner repeatedly LIED to Congress and it is time that he be held in Contempt of Congress!

  1. Congress must do everything in its power to push for the appointment of a special prosecutor. Whether that is accomplished through withholding government funding or just keeping Lois Lerner in prison until the Obama administration agrees to appoint a Special Prosecutor, this is absolutely necessary!

Right now, Congress is terrified. The GOP actually has a shot at winning back the Senate this year, and no one on Capitol Hill wants to jinx that.

I want to win back the Senate just as much as the next guy. However, playing politics CANNOT be an excuse for inaction! Playing politics CANNOT be an excuse for letting known criminals walk!

Tell Congress to arrest EVERYONE involved in the IRS scandal/cover-up and FORCE the appointment of a Special Prosecutor!

You know what Congress needs to do… Congress needs to start holding the Obama administration accountable for its crimes. That’s right, I called them crimes because that’s what they are!

It is criminal for IRS bureaucrats to target the political opposition and it is criminal for White House cabinet members to cover-up the crimes!

Historians are going to look back on this moment and write that this was when the American people woke up… that this was the moment brave Patriots like you demanded justice. They are going to write that this was the time when We the People forced our representatives to honor their oaths and defend the country from its domestic enemies.

However, none of this will happen if YOU don’t stand up and demand it! The Conservative Revolution will fail unless every like-minded patriot rises to the occasion and demands justice!

This is the beginning. This is where it all starts.

You need to raise your voice and demand that Congress arrest Lois Lerner, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, and EVERYONE else who participated in this scandal/cover-up!

Now is the time! Tell Congress to arrest EVERYONE involved in the IRS scandal/cover-up and FORCE the appointment of a Special Prosecutor!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily