Fellow Conservative,

Today, the Obama administration is going to announce its final plan to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and move the worst-of-the-worst terrorists to prisons here on American soil.

There is already a law on the books that literally prohibits this from happening. Congress passed a law prohibiting administration officials from using any money from the Federal treasury to move GITMO prisoners to the US mainland.

What Barack Obama is planning is against the law. Period.

And he doesn’t care. He knows what he is doing is illegal and he is daring Congress to do something about it!

Force Congress to find its backbone and STOP Obama from moving Guantanamo terrorists onto American soil!

Ever other time that Obama has used an executive order to circumvent Congress, he and his advisors have found loopholes in the law. Not this time. There are no loopholes. The law says that Obama can’t spend a single cent to move Guantanamo prisoners to the United States.

The President is completely disregarding the law.

And this wasn’t something that squeaked through with only Republican support. A lot of Democrats voted for this and it passed with clear majority support.

Almost every legal expert agrees that it would require Congressional approval to close GITMO.

The President knows this would be impossible so he is going to push his plan through anyway.

This is usually how it goes, isn’t it?

Congress refuses to pass gun control so Obama signs an executive order instead.

Congress refuses to pass amnesty for illegal aliens so Obama signs an executive order instead.

And now Congress passes a law to block the closure of GITMO and Obama is gearing up to pass another executive order instead…


It’s clear as day. Congress passed a law and Obama isn’t ignoring it, he is openly violating it!

Yes, impeachment is on the table! Demand that Congress STOP Obama from moving these terrorist prisoners to your neighborhood!

Do you want these hardened jihadists in your back yard?

Because if you don’t raise your voice right now and DEMAND that Congress fight this, then it will be too late.

Yes, impeachment is on the table. Regardless of political party, if the President of the United States openly violates the law, then impeachment must always be on the table.

We’re not going to run away from the i-word. The Constitution dictates that impeachment is the mechanism to punish a President for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Breaking the law to move hardened terrorist prisoners onto U.S. soil constitutes a “high crime.” Period.

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s lawlessness! If he goes ahead with moving these terrorists here, then he must be impeached!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily