Two weeks. That is how long Mitch McConnell is going to wait before holding a full vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch.

McConnell is refusing to use the nuclear option to guarantee Gorsuch’s confirmation. He is willing to roll the dice on convincing 8 Democrats to vote for Donald Trump’s nominee.

Based on what we’ve seen from the confirmation hearings so far, the Democrats are going to vote against Gorsuch.

This might not seem like that big of deal. But there are a number of incredibly important cases that could go to the Supreme Court in the next month. President Trump’s refugee ban, the fight against sanctuary cities, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the list goes on and on…

If Gorsuch is on the bench when these cases come before the Supreme Court, Trump stands a very good chance of winning. If we wait two weeks and then have to wait even longer while GOP leadership invokes the nuclear option, the President will lose these cases.

This is what is at stake. The very future of the country will be determined by how quickly Neil Gorsuch is confirmed. If the Democrats filibuster, which they are promising to do, then we will continue to see lasting liberal activist rulings against President Trump’s executive orders.

We voted for President Trump. We voted for a Conservative agenda. Now, that agenda is on the line.

Will you rise up and fight?

Action Alert: Tell Congress to use the nuclear option and confirm Neil Gorsuch to protect President Trump’s executive orders!

This is really what it comes down to.

Neil Gorsuch is exceptionally qualified. He is on the right side of all of the issues that are so important to the Conservative movement.

There are cases making their way through the courts that will make it to the Supreme Court within a month. Whether Trump’s executive orders are upheld will depend on what we do right now.

The Democrats are united. They aren’t going to vote for Gorsuch. They are too bound by partisan hatred.

If the Democrats can delay the confirmation even a couple of days, they can score major wins against Trump’s immigration policies.

We cannot allow that to happen. Period.

Mitch McConnell needs to use the nuclear option. He needs to pull the rug out from under the Democrats and put a stop to this nonsense once and for all.

There simply isn’t enough time to get this wrong.

Action Alert: Rise up and force Congress to confirm Neil Gorsuch by any means necessary to protect Pres. Trump’s executive orders!

This is part of the fight. The November election was just the beginning. Now we need to fight to protect the policies and agendas that we voted for.

President Trump can’t take this country back on his own. We can’t trust the GOP to take this country back

It is up to you to fight day in and day out to take it back!

Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch as fast as possible, by any means necessary, to defend Pres. Trump’s executive order!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily