Fellow Conservative,

Hillary Clinton said it again. Last night during the CNN Townhall, she repeated the now-stale sound byte that “no bank is too big to fail, and no one is to big to jail.”

When she says that no one is too big to jail, do you think she realizes that more than 40% of the country immediately thinks of her?

We have learned more about Hillary’s Top Secret emails being withheld from the public. They put lives at risk.

They reveal classified methods, they reveal classified sources, and they reveal real human assets.

Hillary’s homebrew email server didn’t just put the country at risk, she put our spies – and their families’ – lives at risk.

She is a despicable human being.

Hillary violated the Espionage Act! Force Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor right now!

Capitol Hill is absolutely buzzing. Every day, we get word from another one of our sources that the potential for indictment has left the Democrats absolutely shaken.

With just what has been made public, it is impossible to imagine a world where Hillary Clinton isn’t indicted. Realize, an indictment isn’t a prosecution. An indictment is nothing but officially recognizing that there is enough evidence to go to trial.

It is not the Justice Department’s job to determine whether she is guilty or not, that is left to a judge and a jury of her peers.

I truly can’t imagine what is holding this indictment up. Oh wait, now I remember.

We are talking about the Obama administration here. We are talking about the administration that illegally used executive privilege to protect Eric Holder from prosecution. The same administration that sandbagged the investigation into Lois Lerner.

Now, we are trusting these same bureaucrats with prosecuting Hillary Rodham Clinton? No way. They are unfit for this assignment. They have a clear conflict of interest.

Under the law, Congress has the authority to push for, and appoint, a Special Prosecutor. This stretches all the way back to Watergate.

But the only way that happens is if we demand it!

Each Espionage Act violation carries a 10 year prison sentence! Don’t let Congress delay! Demand a Special Prosecutor now!

Hillary is just so horrible.

She lied to the families of the Benghazi victims in order to perpetuate a false narrative to help Obama win re-election.

Now, we have evidence that her private emails actually put American spies and intelligence assets’ lives at risk.

Not only did she put American government spies’ lives at risk, but Hillary put their families’ lives at risk. Our enemies would want nothing more than to kill the families of spies we have operating around the world.

Not only did she commit countless felonies, but Hillary Clinton put her own personal convenience over the national security of this nation.

She belongs in prison. Let’s put her there.

Obama is trying to cover for Hillary! Don’t let her get away with this treachery. FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND a the appointment of an impartial Special Prosecutor!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily