We all know Hillary Clinton is a liar. She will say anything to get elected. But she has stooped so low, even I am surprised. She is defaming the Benghazi victims’ families and calling them liars.

We all remember how after the Benghazi attacks, Hillary Clinton gathered the victims’ families for a ceremony. After her remarks, she got to spend time with each and every one of the victim’s parents.

When all was said and done, reporters asked these parents what Hillary told them. The responses were all the same.

She told them that a YouTube video was to blame and that the government was going to get the man who made the video.

This is important because Hillary Clinton’s own email records prove that she knew beyond any doubt before she spoke to the victims’ families that the video did not play any role in the attack.

When asked again this week who is lying, Clinton responded, “not me, I can tell you.”

How despicable is this? Don’t let Hillary get away with defaming theses heroes’ family members! Force Congress to put her away for good!

It’s just shameful for Hillary to get up and call all of the victims’ families liars.

The families have no reason but to tell anything but the truth. The only one who stands to gain by lying in Hillary herself.

But her house of cards is coming down. The other security personnel on the ground in Benghazi are backing the families on this one. They have come out and confirmed that Hillary is absolutely lying.

How horrible of a person do you have to be to accuse a terror victim’s family of lying? This woman only cares about furthering her career. She doesn’t care how many lives she ruins along the way.

She lied to these families’ faces and told them that a low-budget YouTube caused their loved ones’ deaths.

Now that she was proven to be a liar, she is trying to defame them!

Here are the facts:

Twenty-seven minutes after Hillary Clinton told the country that a YouTube video was to blame, she emailed family members telling them that it was in fact a terrorist attack.

And while Hillary Clinton was telling the victims’ families that there was nothing they could do, the Department of Defense was shaking its head asking why they were told to stand down…

This woman is despicable. She is a witch. For her to drag these families through the mud is shameful. It’s time for us to take her down!

No more excuses! FaxBlast Congress and force them to lock Hillary up and throw away the key!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily