Fellow Conservative,

Oh my goodness... The State Department just released an email showing Hillary Clinton instructing a subordinate to remove the classification heading from a document and insecurely send it to her private email account. This is the end, folks.

This is a felony. It is a felony to remove the classification header from any document and it is a felony to instruct someone to do it for you. It comes with a maximum jail sentence of ten years.

One of her staffers, Jacob Sullivan, was trying to send her a talking points memo through a secure fax, but the system was down. A secure fax is one of the ways that classified and sensitive information is shared.

In the emails, Hillary Clinton instructs him to “turn [it] into nonpaper [with] no identifying heading and send nonsecure.”

She is instructing him to erase the document’s heading – which lists its classification status – and send it through a nonsecure email. The only reason to remove the heading is to hide it from prying eyes and cover their tracks. Hillary knew what she was asking was a felony.

As you might remember, there were reports back in August that Hillary’s inner circle was removing classification headings from documents before emailing them to her. That they were deliberately breaking the law to illegally send classified documents to Hillary Clinton’s email address.

So why isn’t she in prison? Why isn’t she behind bars and forcibly taken off the campaign trail?

It is clear as day. Hillary Clinton committed a felony and Obama is protecting her. Force Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to put her behind bars!

Those are really good questions. The evidence is now overwhelming. Not only did she have over 1300 classified emails on her email server, but she also actively instructed a subordinate to break the law and illegally share classified information with her.

Yet, the Department of injustice does nothing. There have been no charges filed at all. This is why Congress must act to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

We have gotten a lot of emails lately challenging whether Congress can even appoint a Special Prosecutor. They can. It all goes back to the Watergate scandal and when President Nixon ordered his Attorney General to fire the prosecutor that was investigating him. At that moment, it became clear that there needed to be a mechanism to investigate the Executive branch without allowing the administration to directly interfere. The power of the Executive branch was too great to rely on self-policing.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is pushing for just that. He is leading the charge to get a Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate Hillary’s email crimes.

With Republican control of both chambers of Congress, this is easy. But the powers that be – in both parties – don’t want Hillary to go down. They are protecting her.

It is up to you. It is up to me. It is up to all of us to get this done.

And it isn’t going to happen by just sitting back. The only way Hillary gets thrown in prison is if you rise up right now and demand it!

We’ve got one prominent Senator on our side. Let’s take this all the way!

Hillary belongs in prison, not on the campaign trail! Tell Congress to appoint a prosecutor to put her there!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily