Fellow Conservative,

Last week, something amazing happened. The ATF released a white-paper report that was, for the first time in decades, largely pro-gun.

Associate Deputy Director Ronald Turk penned the report and actually admitted that many gun control laws and policies have gone too far.

Turk lays out logical arguments behind undoing many of the Obama administration’s worst anti-gun executive orders. He admits that AR-15s are legitimate sporting weapons, for both hunting and competitive shooting. He admits that Obama’s executive order banning the importation of World War II guns is pointless.

But most importantly, he makes a point-by-point argument supporting the most pro-gun piece of legislation on Congress’ agenda: the Hearing Protection Act.

This bill would remove silencers and suppressors from the purview of the National Firearm Act of 1934. Instead of Americans being forced to pay a $200 tax and wait 8-10 months for approval to buy a suppressor, the Hearing Protection Act would allow gun owners to purchase a suppressor after passing the FBI’s instant background check.

The NRA and other gun organizations are launching a major push to get this legislation passed. They believe that it is doable and President Trump has promised to sign it. Now the ATF is on our side as well.

You have stood by us and joined the fight to stop the Leftists from eroding our 2nd Amendment rights. It is time to go on offense. It is time to fight!

Join the fight and expand your gun rights! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass the Hearing Protection Act!

Not only will this legislation restore Second Amendment rights to millions of law abiding Americans, but it will cut millions of dollars a year on government spending for redundant processes.

Suppressors are now legal in 42 states. They are used everyday for hunting and target practice. A suppressor is a safety device that not only protects a gun owner’s hearing, but cuts down on noise pollution as well.

We hoped to be able to win this fight in spite of ATF opposition. With their support, this is totally winnable.

Suppressors aren’t dangerous. The average suppressor lowers a Firearm’s report by around 30 decibels. You can still hear a gunshot, it just won’t make you deaf.

The Hearing Protection Act, on its face, is about safety. Even in some of the most anti-gun countries in Europe, suppressors are unregulated because they are seen as a courtesy and a safety feature.  But it is also abut cutting unnecessary bureaucracy.

I purchased a suppressor back in May of 2016 and paid the ATF $200 to process my background check application. I still haven’t heard back on whether I am approved to take possession of it or not and that ws 8 months ago. Since then, however, I have bought multiple guns and passed the FBI’s instant background check every time.

There is nothing logical about being forced to pay hundreds of dollars and wait 8+ months for the ATF to do something that the FBI accomplishes in 30 minutes…

This legislation is common sense. It has the backing of pro-gun organizations and even the ATF itself.

The anti-gunners will do everything they can to block this bill from moving forward. They will bring out every scaremongering tactic they have.

It is up to you and I to make sure they fail!

Join the fight and expand your gun rights! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass the Hearing Protection Act!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily